Add distributed devicestate via the XMPP protocol.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / configs / jabber.conf.sample
1 [general]
2 ;debug=yes                              ;;Turn on debugging by default.
3 ;autoprune=yes                          ;;Auto remove users from buddy list. Depending on your
4                                         ;;setup (ie, using your personal Gtalk account for a test)
5                                         ;;you might lose your contacts list. Default is 'no'.
6 ;autoregister=yes                       ;;Auto register users from buddy list.
7 ;collection_nodes=yes                   ;;Enable support for XEP-0248 for use with
8                                         ;;distributed device state.  Default is 'no'.
9 ;pubsub_autocreate=yes                  ;;Whether or not the PubSub server supports/is using
10                                         ;;auto-create for nodes.  If it is, we have to
11                                         ;;explicitly pre-create nodes before publishing them.
12                                         ;;Default is 'no'.
13 ;auth_policy=accept                     ;;Auto accept users' subscription requests (default).
14                                         ;;Set to deny for auto denial.
17 ;[asterisk]                             ;;label
18 ;type=client                            ;;Client or Component connection
19 ;                  ;;Route to server for example,
20                                         ;;
21 ;          ;;Node to use for publishing events via PubSub
22 ;  ;;Username with optional resource.
23 ;secret=blah                            ;;Password
24 ;priority=1                             ;;Resource priority
25 ;port=5222                              ;;Port to use defaults to 5222
26 ;usetls=yes                             ;;Use tls or not
27 ;usesasl=yes                            ;;Use sasl or not
28 ;              ;;Manual addition of buddy to list.
29                                         ;;For distributed events, these buddies are
30                                         ;;automatically added in the whitelist as
31                                         ;;'owners' of the node(s).
32 ;distribute_events=yes                  ;;Whether or not to distribute events using
33                                         ;;this connection.  Default is 'no'.
34 ;status=available                       ;;One of: chat, available, away,
35                                         ;;      xaway, or dnd
36 ;statusmessage="I am available"         ;;Have custom status message for
37                                         ;;Asterisk.
38 ;timeout=5                              ;;Timeout (in seconds) on the message stack, defaults to 5.
39                                         ;;Messages stored longer than this value will be deleted by Asterisk.
40                                         ;;This option applies to incoming messages only, which are intended to
41                                         ;;be processed by the JABBER_RECEIVE dialplan function.