Fix documentation replication issues
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / apps / confbridge / confbridge_manager.c
2013-08-01 Kinsey MooreFix documentation replication issues
2013-08-01 David M. LeeSplit caching out from the stasis_caching_topic.
2013-07-25 Matthew JordanA great big renaming patch
2013-07-19 Kinsey MooreFilter channels used as internal mechanisms
2013-06-07 Jonathan Roseapp_meetme: Refactor manager events to use stasis
2013-05-31 Kinsey MooreRemove remnant of snapshot blob JSON types
2013-05-28 Mark MichelsonAdds support for a core attended transfer function...
2013-05-21 Matthew JordanRaise the ConfBridgeMute/Unmute events when a CLI or...
2013-05-21 Richard MudgettMerge in the bridge_construction branch to make the...