Use find_user for existsmailbox
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2004-05-23 Mark SpencerUse find_user for existsmailbox
2004-05-23 Mark SpencerFixes to mailbox exists
2004-05-22 Mark SpencerCopy hangup cause at end of a good call
2004-05-22 Mark SpencerWork on a copy with app_agi
2004-05-22 Mark SpencerMerge fabeman's extensive meetme improvements (bug...
2004-05-21 Mark SpencerStop stream when interrupted by '#' or '*' or '0' ...
2004-05-20 Mark SpencerMake ast_channel_walk become ast_channel_walk_locked
2004-05-20 Mark SpencerMake playback of envelope a configurable option (bug...
2004-05-20 Mark SpencerMerge Mike's announcement enhancements
2004-05-19 Mark SpencerMerge small bkw_ queue enhancements
2004-05-18 James GolovichClarify app_dial documentation regarding transfers
2004-05-18 Mark SpencerFlesh out remaining "rrmemory" logic
2004-05-18 Mark SpencerAdd Round-Robin w/ Memory queueing strategy (rrmemory)
2004-05-17 Jeremy McNamaranitpicky fix
2004-05-16 Mark SpencerFix compile for old builds
2004-05-16 Mark SpencerAdd ability to look up callerid name by txt (bug #1442)
2004-05-15 Mark SpencerFix timezone handling for FreeBSD
2004-05-15 Mark SpencerFreeBSD compile fix (bug #1655)
2004-05-15 Mark SpencerUpdate coding guidelines, fix "say.c" compile on older...
2004-05-13 Mark SpencerAdd events for join/leave (bug #1625)
2004-05-12 Mark SpencerMinor cleanups (bug #1618 included)
2004-05-12 Mark SpencerPut sip history stuff in (for real) and provide voicema...
2004-05-11 Mark SpencerDon't say "re-recording" on CLI.
2004-05-11 Mark SpencerChange "boundary" to be less likely to cause e-mail...
2004-05-10 Mark SpencerAllow characterset to be specified (bug #1598)
2004-05-10 Mark SpencerSet mimetype to lower case (bug #1597)
2004-05-09 Mark SpencerInclude app.h in senddtmf (bug #1594)
2004-05-09 Mark SpencerMerge Connor's ringback feature for queue (bug #1560)
2004-05-09 James GolovichMore ast_strlen_zero changes
2004-05-09 James GolovichFix null pointer dereference in app_groupcount.c (bug...
2004-05-08 James Golovichast_strlen_zero changes
2004-05-07 James GolovichCode cleanup
2004-05-07 Anthony Minessale IICreated API call ast_dtmf_stream
2004-05-06 Jeremy McNamarafix formatting, from bkw
2004-05-04 Mark SpencerMake sure we don't accidently send weird delivery times...
2004-05-04 Mark Spencerstrlen fixes and don't destroy SIP channels that still...
2004-05-04 Mark SpencerAdd app_groupcount to manage groups
2004-05-03 Mark SpencerMake directory spell name if available
2004-05-03 Mark SpencerMerge BKW's mp3 improvements
2004-05-03 Mark SpencerAdd SayPhonetic and SayAlpha applications (bug #793)
2004-05-01 Mark SpencerAdd ability to specify custom e-mail subject line ...
2004-05-01 Mark SpencerFurther minor fixup
2004-05-01 Mark SpencerMerge sbinger's voicemailf ixes for duration and short...
2004-05-01 Mark SpencerRid compiler warning, make information meaningful in...
2004-05-01 Mark SpencerImprove mp3 player quality (bug #1527)
2004-05-01 James GolovichAdd HasVoicemail application (bug 1520)
2004-04-30 Jeremy McNamaraDocument usage of PGSQL. Bug#1486
2004-04-30 Jeremy McNamaracorrectly stay in admin menu until user wants out ...
2004-04-30 Jeremy McNamararollback bug#77..the right fix immanent
2004-04-30 Mark SpencerStay in admin menu until user wants out (bug #977)
2004-04-30 Mark SpencerSay "message 1" in title (bug #1521)
2004-04-29 Mark SpencerEven better, let it be specified per-context
2004-04-29 Mark SpencerAdd ability to customize directory introduction (bug...
2004-04-29 Jeremy McNamarapopulate global options correctly. Bug#1515
2004-04-29 Mark SpencerAdd support for French, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish...
2004-04-28 Mark SpencerAdd revk's SMS application (bug #1437). Thanks!
2004-04-28 Mark SpencerTrivial portability fix
2004-04-28 Mark SpencerMerge bug 1483 -- advanced voicemail options
2004-04-27 James GolovichPortability fix, use the shells path for sed and env
2004-04-27 Anthony Minessale IIBug Fix
2004-04-26 Anthony Minessale IIapplied final release of bug 1353 per Mark's permission
2004-04-26 Mark SpencerAllow two contexts to be specified for directory applic...
2004-04-26 James GolovichMake RemoveQueueMember and AddQueueMember jump to prior...
2004-04-26 Mark SpencerMore select/poll updates for various applications
2004-04-25 James GolovichStart with a reasonable default timeout in parkandannounce
2004-04-23 Mark SpencerFix double close of file descriptor (bug #1473)
2004-04-22 Mark Spencergethostbyname isn't reentrant, who knew...
2004-04-20 James GolovichAdd app_exec (bug 1198
2004-04-19 Mark SpencerMerge Matt's extern notify patch
2004-04-16 Anthony Minessale II* Patch to Makefiles to allow a script to query the...
2004-04-16 Mark SpencerAnswer if it needs it...
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerWarn to use DeadAGI in general on hungup channels if...
2004-04-15 Mark SpencerMake substring deprecated
2004-04-12 Mark SpencerFix cut properly (bug #1138)
2004-04-10 Mark SpencerDon't hang up if the file is missing (not a bug, but...
2004-04-10 James GolovichAllow zapscan to select a specific channel (bug 1371)
2004-04-08 James GolovichAdd ability to do PINs with dynamic conf (bug 1026)
2004-04-08 Mark SpencerTurn off MOH later rather than sooner.
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFix SendDTMF which was clearly not even tested before...
2004-04-07 James GolovichRemove extra argument from ast_set_*_format calls
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerAdd sendtext application
2004-04-07 Malcolm DavenportMore changes to Matt's application
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerGet rid of all that old needlock garbage now that we...
2004-04-06 Malcolm DavenportAdd Matt's option to call an external application when...
2004-04-02 James GolovichMake app_dial complain if the timeout passed is non...
2004-03-31 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-03-31 Mark SpencerDon't die on a bad voicemail conf timezone entry (bug...
2004-03-30 Malcolm DavenportFix the 'n' option of app_queue. Thanks Mike
2004-03-29 Mark SpencerSmall SIP fix, voicemail fix, and some delivery fixes...
2004-03-27 James GolovichMore read/write lock fixes in various modules
2004-03-27 James GolovichFixup read/write locking
2004-03-27 Mark SpencerMake read/write mode have a lock parameter and use...
2004-03-26 James GolovichAdd manager action 'SetCDRUserField' (bug #1298)
2004-03-24 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1287: Festival cache string bug fixed
2004-03-24 Jeremy McNamaracheck input for errors. Bug #435
2004-03-23 Mark SpencerImprove verbose messages
2004-03-23 Jeremy McNamarafix agi to accept multiple arguments. Bug #664
2004-03-23 Mark SpencerClarify documentation on Directory
2004-03-22 James GolovichMake app_system.c use ast_safe_system
2004-03-22 Malcolm DavenportTypo