Add features (incomplete, highly experimental), fix DundiLookup app, debug improvemen...
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / apps /
2004-11-06 Mark Spenceroops
2004-11-06 Mark SpencerAdd dumpchan application (bug #2678)
2004-11-05 Mark SpencerFix bad line
2004-11-04 Mark SpencerFix VMAuthenticate application (bug #2775)
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerPass through flash hook
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerAdd VMAuthenticate application (bug #2775)
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerMake channel variables inheritable by _ (bug #928)
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerAdd TALK_DETECTED variable (bug #2628)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerPass redirecting number on PRI calls (bug #2763)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerOuch.
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerDISA enhancemnets (bug #2766)
2004-10-30 Mark SpencerAdd voicemail to say # of minutes remaining (bug #2302)
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerFix record app
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerFix potential seg if someone doesn't specify an extension
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerRecord application updates (bug #2627)
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerOops
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerAdd n+101 jump if file does not exist (bug #2722)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerFix short message isssue (bug #2723)
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerFix email debyg line (bug #2675)
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerFix user event body (bug #2713)
2004-10-23 Mark SpencerFix SMS thingy for Bezeq (bug #2708)
2004-10-23 Mark SpencerHelp leanup (bug #2677)
2004-10-22 Mark SpencerFix some callerid output
2004-10-20 Mark SpencerFix potential segfault.
2004-10-18 Mark SpencerDelete old app_qcall (obsolete)
2004-10-17 Mark SpencerThread fixes, vm fix (bug #2665)
2004-10-16 Mark SpencerHandle a few more cases of realtime and voicemail ...
2004-10-16 Mark SpencerOops it didn't make it in
2004-10-14 Mark SpencerAdd CLI for realtime stuff (bug #2626)
2004-10-12 Mark SpencerEliminate extraneous message (bug #2633)
2004-10-11 Mark SpencerAdd global mute/unmute (bug #2601)
2004-10-10 Mark SpencerMerge jjames's voicemail fixes (bug #2436)
2004-10-10 Mark SpencerRemove old compatibility apps
2004-10-09 Russell Bryantfix voicemail account setup (bug #2077)
2004-10-08 Mark SpencerFix lookup cidname (bug #2609)
2004-10-08 Mark Spencerrealtimeify voicemail...
2004-10-07 Mark SpencerOops, we have to be able to pass multiple restrictions...
2004-10-07 Mark SpencerFix app_sms to use correct path (bug #2597)
2004-10-07 Mark SpencerDo not send progress when "ringing" only flag is set...
2004-10-07 Mark SpencerMove voicemail beep (bug #2594)
2004-10-06 Anthony Minessale IIimporve app_realtime to do writes too with RealTimeUpdate
2004-10-06 Mark SpencerMerge anth's realtime patch, as well as the bindaddr...
2004-10-05 Mark SpencerMajor changes to res_config to support centralized...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd app_hasnewvoicemail
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd ability to check voicemail from multiple folders...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerMerge member delay patch (bug #2563)
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd reporting of actual hold time (bug #2564)
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerImprove groupcount handling (bug #2529) thanks!
2004-10-03 James GolovichCleanup formatting in app_math.c
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd (heavily modified) math application (bug #2534)
2004-10-03 James GolovichFix HasVoicemail so it can parse all arguments correctl...
2004-10-02 James GolovichFormatting cleanup in app_voicemail.c
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerImplement voicemail force account setup (bug #2077)
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerMove populate TNS/Presentation/TON from calling channel
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-09-30 Russell Bryantupdate description for VoiceMailMain (bug #2546)
2004-09-29 Mark SpencerFix little "less than" issue
2004-09-28 Russell Bryantadd ability to purge callers from queue if no agents...
2004-09-27 James GolovichFix 2 memory leaks
2004-09-25 Mark SpencerMake holdtime announcement say "less than 2 minutes...
2004-09-24 Anthony Minessale IIadd app_forkcdr
2004-09-23 Anthony Minessale IItweak prior commit
2004-09-22 Mark SpencerCheck to be sure # of samples is > 0...
2004-09-22 Mark SpencerHandle arbitrary long dial sequences (like what we...
2004-09-20 Mark SpencerFixup vm user struct (bug #2472)
2004-09-19 Mark SpencerMerge UK + DTMF Caller*ID stuff and fix app_test descri...
2004-09-18 Mark SpencerAdd "TrySystem" variation to System (bug #768)
2004-09-17 Mark SpencerMove routines from voicemail to app for general use...
2004-09-15 Mark SpencerFix app_disa to not ignore ignorepat :) (bug #2451)
2004-09-15 Mark SpencerMake ADSI in voicemail configurable (bug #2209)
2004-09-15 Mark SpencerUpdate mp3 copyright header, fix pedantic + register...
2004-09-13 Jim DixonFixed minor issue in app_rpt(). Allows it to work bette...
2004-09-11 Mark SpencerUse longer timeout if using http (bug #2418)
2004-09-10 Mark SpencerProperly lock management stuff (bug #2406)
2004-09-10 Matthew Fredricksonmacro support in the dial command
2004-09-07 Mark SpencerMake menu interruptible (bug #2377), Also fix PBX ...
2004-09-06 Mark SpencerAdd Czech digit/voicemail support
2004-09-06 Mark SpencerAllow "-" in password to make it unchangable (bug ...
2004-09-05 Mark SpencerDon't prompt for password if one is not needed (bug...
2004-09-05 Mark SpencerFix some small voicemail password bugs (bug #2373)
2004-09-03 Mark SpencerMake sure shell version happens even if MySQL mailboxes...
2004-09-03 Mark Spencerreload documentation, don't display res in app_test...
2004-09-03 Mark SpencerAllow external program to be used to change password...
2004-09-03 Mark SpencerUse exitcontext when available (bug #2363)
2004-09-02 Mark SpencerIf '#' is sent for username, use callerid if available...
2004-09-02 Mark SpencerFix both app_read and underlying read issue (bug #2352)
2004-09-02 Mark SpencerImprove voicemail verbosity (bug #2351)
2004-09-02 Mark SpencerFix minor typo (bug #2343)
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerMake app_festival change more portable, allow '*' for...
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerFix permissions for festival app (bug #2334)
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerMerge NetBSD and Courtesty tone with modifications...
2004-08-30 Mark SpencerMinor fix in directory app (bug #2322)
2004-08-30 Mark SpencerAdd test application (TestClient/TestServer), thanks...
2004-08-29 Mark SpencerMinor Makefile cleanups
2004-08-28 Mark SpencerUpdate DISA to be internationalized (bug #2284)
2004-08-28 Mark SpencerOops, back out bad makefile change
2004-08-28 Mark SpencerMajor DISA improvements (bug #2284)
2004-08-28 Mark SpencerWarn if unable to open an overridden config file (but...