dsp.c: Update calls to ast_format_cmp to check result properly
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / misdn / ie.c
2017-12-22 Sean BrightRemove as much trailing whitespace as possible.
2014-12-17 Walter DoekesFix printf problems with high ascii characters after...
2012-06-15 Kevin P. FlemingMultiple revisions 369001-369002
2010-10-21 Tilghman LesherMerged revisions 292667 via svnmerge from
2009-08-01 Kevin P. FlemingMerged revisions 209759 via svnmerge from
2009-04-21 Richard MudgettAdded CCBS/CCNR Party A support and enhanced COLP support.
2009-03-23 Richard MudgettRemoved trailing whitespace in chan_misdn files.
2008-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingwe can now build with -Wformat=2, which found a couple...
2008-02-15 Jason ParkerFix up some doxygen issues.
2007-12-11 Olle JohanssonDoxygen updates, formatting.
2007-08-16 Christian RichterMerged revisions 79642 via svnmerge from
2007-08-15 Christian RichterMerged revisions 78936 via svnmerge from
2007-07-19 Tilghman LesherAllow chan_misdn to build in dev-mode
2007-07-18 Tilghman LesherMerge in ast_strftime branch, which changes timestamps...
2007-06-11 Christian RichterMerged revisions 68644 via svnmerge from
2007-05-18 Christian RichterMerged revisions 65039 via svnmerge from
2007-05-18 Christian RichterMerged revisions 62912 via svnmerge from
2007-05-18 Christian RichterMerged revisions 58825-58826 via svnmerge from
2007-01-03 Christian RichterMerged revisions 49313 via svnmerge from
2006-08-21 Kevin P. Flemingmerge new_loader_completion branch, including (at least):
2006-08-09 Nadi Sarrarfixing compile warnings, renaming config option "overla...
2006-06-26 Christian Richter* fixed the busy state
2006-06-01 Christian Richteradded bearer capability reject support. we send release...
2005-12-09 Christian Richtercommitted head of chan_misdn with a lot of new features...
2005-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingremove extraneous svn:executable properties
2005-11-01 Kevin P. Flemingissue #5566
2005-10-31 Kevin P. Flemingfinish chan_misdn commit