chan_sip deprecation.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / sip / security_events.c
2018-10-25 Corey Farrellchan_sip deprecation.
2017-12-22 Sean BrightRemove as much trailing whitespace as possible.
2017-12-04 Richard Mudgettsecurity-events: Fix SuccessfulAuth using_password...
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2015-08-13 Kevin Harwellchan_sip.c: wrong peer searched in sip_report_security_...
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2014-11-19 Richard Mudgettast_str: Fix improper member access to struct ast_str...
2014-08-08 Matthew Jordanchan_sip: Mark chan_sip and its files as extended support
2014-04-11 Matthew Jordanmain/astobj2: Make REF_DEBUG a menuselect item; improve...
2013-05-17 Jonathan RoseStasis: Update security events to use Stasis
2013-03-27 Matthew JordanAST-2013-003: Prevent username disclosure in SIP channe...
2013-02-12 Kinsey MooreFix some more REF_DEBUG-related build errors
2012-07-31 Kinsey MooreClean up chan_sip
2012-07-16 Joshua ColpAdd support for SIP over WebSocket.
2012-06-15 Kevin P. FlemingMultiple revisions 369001-369002
2012-04-16 Michael L. YoungAdd IPv6 address support to security events framework.
2012-02-28 Mark MichelsonAdd a security event for the case where fake authentica...
2011-09-22 Jonathan RoseMerged revisions 337595,337597 via svnmerge from