Revert Jim's earlier "fix" :)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels /
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerRevert Jim's earlier "fix" :)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge OSP updates from matt nicholson (with changes)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge sip notify fixes (bug #3243)
2005-01-05 Ben Kramer/ fixed un-initilized variable
2005-01-04 Jim DixonFixed threeway calling disconnect wrong party bug
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerAllow generic sip notify (bug #3231)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerAllow early exit from traverse (bug #3221)
2005-01-04 Ben Kramer/ fixed bug when using AST caller ID functions, shouldn...
2005-01-03 Mark SpencerMerge OEJ's print groups feature (bug #3228, with changes)
2005-01-02 Mark SpencerImprove check order
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerFix chan_phone for pre-gcc 3.0 (bug #3214)
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerGrab lock in hangup earlier
2005-01-01 Mark SpencerAdd ability to remember agents
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerFix GCC 2.95 build (bug #3211)
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerAgent documentation changes to agents and verbose ...
2004-12-31 Mark SpencerPhone driver updates (bug #1975)
2004-12-30 Mark SpencerSwitch more options into flags (bug #3201)
2004-12-29 Mark SpencerMinor IAX2 fixes, add incomplete-but-very-basically...
2004-12-29 Mark SpencerStop transmission when sendonly is set (bug #3185)
2004-12-29 Mark SpencerFix MWI for SIP when using "friend" type (bug #3004)
2004-12-29 Mark SpencerFix registration bug with new astobj (bug #3184)
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerMerge kpflemings ASTOBJ improvements (bug #3167)
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerMake cidrings configurable (bug #2889)
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerMake it possible to configure an externhost and not...
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerRemove duplicate parse (bug #3173)
2004-12-27 Matthew FredricksonHousekeeping updates
2004-12-27 Mark SpencerFix inversion error on addrcmp (bug #3155)
2004-12-26 Mark SpencerMerge Tilghman's cause codes patch (bug #3032)
2004-12-26 Russell Bryantfix to work with astobj stuff
2004-12-26 Mark SpencerFix CLI to report "N/A" when appropriate for time,...
2004-12-25 Mark SpencerAdd Asterisk "object model" and update chan_sip to...
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerSmall fix for features channel driver
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerMinor chan_features tweak
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerAdd "flash" capability to command line
2004-12-23 Jim DixonFix Divide by zero possibility (ouch!)
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerFix US tones (bug #3132)
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerMove iax2 to flags, too (thanks drumkilla!) (bug #3124)
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerMake sure users inherit NAT settings properly (bug...
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerFix sip hold bug (#3113)
2004-12-22 Jim DixonFixed ackcall (once again, this time differently) in...
2004-12-22 Mark SpencerMerge Steve's timestamp patch (bug #3119)
2004-12-21 Jeremy McNamaraFix G.729 name annoucement to Open H.323 and inform...
2004-12-20 Mark SpencerMinor ACk fix (bug #2687, again)
2004-12-20 Ben Kramer/ changed native bridge checking for playing DTMF's
2004-12-20 Ben Kramer/ fixed "Fix comment issues (bug #3089)" bugs
2004-12-20 Jeremy McNamaraCreate string properly and cast peer correctly
2004-12-20 Mark Spenceriax2 typename fix
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerFix MGCP compile warnings
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge Olle's comment patch (bug #3097)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge drumkilla's bitfield patch for SIP (bug #3083)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMake sure read/write format are setup properly.
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerSIP locking improvements
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerMake sure we del any remaining connections (bug #2982)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix comment issues (bug #3089)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerFix SIP ACK for BYE (bug #3087)
2004-12-18 Mark SpencerMerge olle's amazing ACK fix (bug #2687)
2004-12-18 Jeremy McNamaraoopsie
2004-12-18 Jeremy McNamaraFix incoming caller*id. Bug #3077
2004-12-16 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with Q.931 cause codes
2004-12-16 Mark SpencerMerge russell's flag macro patch (with slight mods...
2004-12-16 Mark SpencerWarn when libpri is too old
2004-12-16 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with Caller*ID, document the new RTP...
2004-12-15 Jeremy McNamaraMajor fixes: Fixed deadlock issue, added support for...
2004-12-15 Ben Kramer/ finished off support for DTMF caller ID (brazil)...
2004-12-15 Matthew FredricksonLittle addition to the redirectionreason stuff
2004-12-15 Matthew FredricksonAdd new variable for PRIREDIRECTREASON in dial plan...
2004-12-15 Mark SpencerRemove broken "ackcall" fix (bug #3043)
2004-12-14 Mark SpencerMerge slimey's Solaris compatibility (with small mods...
2004-12-13 Ben Kramer/ fix for callerid configuration when opening channel...
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerFix res_config_mysql crash (thanks drumkilla!) (bug...
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerGR-303 conferencing fixes
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerMerge SIP authentication reuse patch (bug #2917) aka...
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerMake registertimeout be configurable (bug #2874)
2004-12-12 Mark SpencerExpose SIP URI (bug #3017)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerDon't send DTMF when there is no owner (partof bug...
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerAdd iax2 provisioning application for dialplan
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerFix use count for agent/local (bug #2996 et al)
2004-12-11 Mark SpencerReload fixes (bug #2991)
2004-12-10 Jim DixonAdded 'c' option to AgentMonitorOutgoing (like in wiki...
2004-12-10 Jim DixonFix ackcall problem for Zaptel channels
2004-12-09 Jim DixonFixed call parking, added separate paramater to allow...
2004-12-09 Mark SpencerUpdate comment for fmtp 16, implement in RTP (bug ...
2004-12-07 Mark SpencerBig diet for struct ast_channel
2004-12-07 Russell Bryantchange strdupa to ast_strdupa (bug #2988)
2004-12-04 Mark Spencersilliness (N for "nat" not "no")
2004-12-03 Mark SpencerFix allow/disallow nomenclature (bug #2945, part deux)
2004-12-03 Mark SpencerAdd *preliminary* per-peer outbound proxy (bug #2859...
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerOops
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd nasty sip get header, too (bug #2838)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd nasty "AddSIPHeader" application (bug #2846)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerAdd user=phone option (bug #2244, thanks oej)
2004-12-02 Mark SpencerMerge SIP portion of new codec work from bug #2945
2004-12-01 Mark SpencerDon't create the channel if there already is one...
2004-12-01 Mark SpencerMerge manager action and example (bug #2701)
2004-12-01 Mark SpencerMake sure we really have a bridged channel (bug #2963)
2004-11-30 Ben Kramer/ fixed bug w/regards to playing dtmf's on native bridges
2004-11-30 Ben Kramer/ added "indication" option, to use Ast indication...
2004-11-29 Ben Kramer/ added new function to use the Asterisk callerid funct...
2004-11-29 Mark SpencerDon't print silly unregistered messages on realtime
2004-11-29 Mark SpencerDon't seed on temponly peers