Add Estonian tone zone (bug #3589)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels /
2005-02-28 Mark SpencerFix queue URL passing (bug #3543)
2005-02-28 Mark SpencerDon't pass agent audio until call is confirmed (bug...
2005-02-28 Mark SpencerLook for faxexten in the main context, too (bug #3634)
2005-02-26 Mark SpencerFix small but big typo in REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE early...
2005-02-26 Mark SpencerAdd new callerpres parsing API (bug #3648)
2005-02-26 Mark SpencerRelease RTP ports early (bug #3655)
2005-02-25 Jeremy McNamarafinally commit vm enhancements for skinny Bug #3511
2005-02-25 Mark SpencerFix GCC 4.0 build (bug #3662)
2005-02-25 Mark SpencerHandle SDP *after* authentication (bug #3660)
2005-02-25 Mark SpencerAdd execiftime, remove duplicate agent logoff CLI
2005-02-25 Matthew FredricksonAdding support to log off an agent from the console
2005-02-24 Mark SpencerAllow global "qualify" option (bug #3649)
2005-02-24 Mark SpencerFix "tohost" logic errors (bug #3654)
2005-02-21 Ben Kramer/ added break-for-dtmf=no for native bridging
2005-02-21 Ben Kramer/ added an option to use the AST vad DSP for DTMF detection
2005-02-19 Mark SpencerProvide more info when native bridge cannot occur ...
2005-02-19 Mark SpencerAdd sip redirect support (bug #3419i, with mods)
2005-02-18 Mark SpencerMake IAX2 channel names use "-" instead of "/" for...
2005-02-18 Mark SpencerAdd OEJ's md5 app (bug #3604)
2005-02-18 Mark SpencerAdd event for agentlogoff from CLI (bug #3611)
2005-02-17 Ben Kramer/ adjusted how the gain settings are implemeted
2005-02-14 Mark SpencerFix native agent transfer, add UPGRADE.txt for notes...
2005-02-14 Mark SpencerMerge OSP udpates
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerRemove a couple of peerification bbugs (bug #3576)
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerMerge limits patch (bug #3581)
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerFix user=phone stuff (bug #3575)
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerAdd sip show user completion (bug #3574)
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerAdd callingpres/calling limit support, small updates...
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerAdd additional sanity checks (bug #3548)
2005-02-13 Mark SpencerAdd sip show user and friends (bug #3571)
2005-02-12 Mark SpencerFix apparent logic error that causes unregistered non...
2005-02-12 Mark SpencerMerge SIP changes from oej
2005-02-12 Mark SpencerAdd support for receiver reports (bug #3236, with mods)
2005-02-11 Mark SpencerFlagify hold (bug #3456)
2005-02-11 Mark SpencerFix native bridge not to intercept DTMF if it's needed
2005-02-10 Mark SpencerSeparate IAX and SIP tables for users/peers
2005-02-10 Mark SpencerMerge tony's IAX/SIP realtime cache (bug #3509)
2005-02-10 Mark SpencerFix zap build for gcc 2.95
2005-02-10 Mark SpencerMake agent support sending url (bug #3543)
2005-02-10 Ben Kramer/ fixed ring-back on FXS ports
2005-02-09 Mark SpencerFix H.323 locking (bug #3540)
2005-02-09 Mark SpencerHandle DNS failures on startup more gracefully (bug...
2005-02-08 Mark Spencerquicky agent formatting fix, merge polarity/answer...
2005-02-07 Mark SpencerInherit variables across an agent (bug #3520)
2005-02-07 Mark SpencerFix callerid segfault in rare combination (bug #3519)
2005-02-04 Mark SpencerProperly handle PRI TON and allow changing number ...
2005-02-03 Mark SpencerShow last tx/rx command in sip show channels (bug ...
2005-02-02 Mark SpencerMake sure we always transmit the same from line (bug...
2005-02-01 Mark SpencerFix silly typo (bug #3483)
2005-02-01 Mark SpencerOnly use default callerid if it's specified (bug #3486)
2005-02-01 Mark SpencerFix agent moh issue (bug #3383)
2005-02-01 Ben Kramer/ fix for when caller hangs up after first ring
2005-01-31 Ben Kramer/ updated so that it can deal with multiple matching...
2005-01-31 Ben Kramer/ added parameter to change ec suppresion threshhold...
2005-01-30 Mark SpencerMerge IAX2 peer completion patch (bug #3462)
2005-01-30 Mark SpencerAdd agent logon/logoff CLI command (bug #3440)
2005-01-30 Mark SpencerImprove logging and add summaries (bug #3459)
2005-01-29 Mark SpencerMerge callevents etc (bug #3456)
2005-01-28 Mark SpencerReduce complexity of check for f->samples / 8 not being 0
2005-01-28 Jeremy McNamaraForce the use of specific versions of OpenH.323 and...
2005-01-28 Mark SpencerFix CID name when no CID name is supplied (bug #2795)
2005-01-28 Mark SpencerFix interation of # transfer and flash hook transfer...
2005-01-28 Mark SpencerHandle oddly sent 'A' to 'D' (bug #3445)
2005-01-27 Mark SpencerFix reload on sip peers (bug #3432)
2005-01-27 Ben Kramer/ put in ifdef wrapper around routines to save caller...
2005-01-26 Mark SpencerMake sure registration is taken care of if DNS fails...
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerMerge config updates (bug #3406)
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerImprove skinny display (bug #3416)
2005-01-24 Mark SpencerFix law table (i4l) (bug #3412)
2005-01-24 Mark SpencerFix chan_modem_i4l to be sure we use unsigned (bug...
2005-01-24 Mark SpencerFix chan_modem_i4l (bug #3410)
2005-01-23 Mark SpencerRemove duplicate alaw implementation (bug #3409)
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerAdd optional one way playback (bug #3397)
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerMerge zap PRi call progress fixes (bug #2799)
2005-01-20 Mark SpencerIAX codec fixes (bug #3387)
2005-01-20 Mark SpencerMake sure we check for owner even after a queue frame
2005-01-19 Mark SpencerFix "send text" crash (bug #3378)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerAdd missing cvs ignore (bug #3373)
2005-01-18 Jeremy McNamarause PROC instead of OSARCH
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix compiler warnings (bug #3367)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix recently introduced zap crash from HOLD/UNHOLD...
2005-01-18 Ben Kramer/ trimmed down caller ID collect time for vpb cid.
2005-01-18 Ben Kramer/ patched for bug 3350
2005-01-17 Josh RobersonMisc Grammer/formatting fixes - Thanks Corydon76! ...
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerMerge hold patch (bug #1840)
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerRid us of a silly compiler warning
2005-01-17 Ben Kramer/ updated caller ID to use ast_set_callerid
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerFix ringback on outbound skinny calls (bug #3295)
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerDon't even attempt to masquerade a channel into itself...
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerAvoid duplicate 200 OK
2005-01-16 Mark Spencerconfig restructure, sip peer completion (bug #3352...
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerRepair // comments to /* */ comments (bug #3347)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerFix agent deadlock (bug #3311)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerMake groups be 64-bits (bug #3351, with mods)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerFix H.323 build on ppc (bug #3353)
2005-01-15 Mark Spencerixjuser is not needed as best as I can tell since it...
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerSimplify find_peer usage (bug #3341)
2005-01-14 Mark SpencerGive us more wiggle room on incoming registrations
2005-01-14 Ben Kramer/ added a ring timer so that an incoming call will...