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2006-03-25 Kevin P. Flemingrevert loader changes that have clearly not undergone...
2006-03-25 Tilghman LesherBug 4377 - Round 2 of the loader updates
2006-03-21 Matthew Fredricksongit-svn-id:
2006-03-13 Tilghman LesherBug 6709 - Simplify extensive embedded ifneq logic...
2006-03-12 Russell BryantMerged revisions 12577 via svnmerge from
2006-02-22 Kevin P. Flemingmerge rizzo's patch to make compiler warnings stop...
2006-02-14 Kevin P. Flemingset proper mime-type and eol-style on all files
2006-02-13 Russell Bryantfix build - it would build before, but...
2006-02-12 Kevin P. Flemingensure that dependencies are rebuilt after 'make update...
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingdon't blow up if multiple copies of the headers are...
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Fleminguse auto-build for codecs
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingfix compiler warnings
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonLots of little fixes for doing MSVC compiling codecs...
2006-02-01 Matt O'GormanAllows for user to uninstall asterisk binaries
2006-01-21 Russell Bryantconversions to use allocation wrappers (issue #6277)
2006-01-20 Matthew Fredricksonfix for codec_gsm on ia64 (#6294)
2006-01-20 Russell Bryantformatting and doxygen fixes (issue #6300)
2006-01-16 Russell Bryantremove redundant CFLAGS for BSD which are already set...
2005-12-20 Russell Bryantuse the system libgsm if available (issue #5434, modifi...
2005-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingremove extraneous svn:executable properties
2005-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingremove remaining .cvsignore files
2005-11-08 Kevin P. Flemingissue #5569 minus lock.h changes
2005-11-08 Kevin P. Flemingissue #5572
2005-11-06 Russell Bryantissue #5605
2005-11-01 Kevin P. Flemingissue #4678
2005-10-26 Russell Bryantclean up a lot of doxygen errors and warnings (issue...
2005-10-26 Russell Bryantmore doxygenification (issue #5513)
2005-09-14 Kevin P. Flemingupdate MANY more files with proper copyright/license...
2005-09-05 Russell Bryantlook in CROSS_COMPILE_TARGET for speex headers (issue...
2005-08-31 Kevin P. Flemingcorrect Makefile errors (issue #5072)
2005-08-30 Kevin P. Flemingclean up, use make functions instead of subshells,...
2005-08-26 Kevin P. Flemingupdate to use Speex 1.1.x features and doc cleanups...
2005-08-23 Kevin P. Fleminguse memmove() when memory regions might overlap (issue...
2005-07-12 Kevin P. Flemingsupport DTX and CNG in speex (bug #4608)
2005-06-21 Kevin P. Flemingvarious speex fixes (bug #4253)
2005-06-20 Kevin P. Flemingmove tools used during build into build_tools subdirectory
2005-06-18 Mark SpencerFix ipaq build (bug #4545)
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Flemingfix version tag macro calls
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Flemingmore file version tags
2005-05-15 Kevin P. Flemingdon't define a local function with the same name as...
2005-05-13 Matthew FredricksonMakefile update for codec_gsm.c to cross compile for...
2005-05-12 Matthew FredricksonMemory leak fixes Bug #4216
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Flemingfix various compiler warnings
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse double-quotes instead of angle-brackets for non...
2005-04-12 Russell Bryantshow correct codec in verbose messages (bug #4008)
2005-03-27 Mark SpencerFix cross compiling (bug #3868)
2005-03-17 Mark SpencerAdd PLC and jitter buffer and iax2 meta trunk with...
2005-03-12 Mark SpencerFix speex build (bug #3761)
2005-03-05 Mark SpencerFlush out app stuff, make profiling easier to turn...
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerMerge config updates (bug #3406)
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2005-01-09 Mark SpencerHandle speex subdirectories peroperly (bug #3283)
2004-12-30 Mark SpencerFix Speex config issue (bug #3175)
2004-12-21 Mark SpencerFix GSM makefile for OpenBSD (bug #3102)
2004-12-20 Mark SpencerFix Makefile for ppc64 (bug #3111)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge Olle's comment patch (bug #3097)
2004-12-14 Mark SpencerMerge slimey's Solaris compatibility (with small mods...
2004-12-13 Mark SpencerFix minor makefile issues (bug #3036)
2004-11-15 Russell Bryantadd missing file (bug #2843)
2004-11-15 Mark SpencerADPCM and G.726 performance improvements courtesy fOSSi...
2004-10-14 Mark SpencerFix iLBC compiler warnings
2004-10-14 Mark SpencerUpdate to new iLBC codec
2004-10-01 James GolovichCode formatting cleanup
2004-10-01 Mark SpencerAdd configurable options to Speex (from anthm) (bug...
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerMore Asterisk sparc patches (courtesy Belgarath)
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerMerge NetBSD and Courtesty tone with modifications...
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerAdjust Makefiles to support Ultrasparc architecture...
2004-08-29 Mark SpencerMinor Makefile cleanups
2004-07-22 Mark SpencerFix YDL build (bug #2109)
2004-07-19 Mark SpencerMerge mic's minor patchlet (bug #2092)
2004-07-02 Mark SpencerBack out accidental changes by anthm
2004-07-02 Anthony Minessale IIautodial update
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerMerge OSX compatibility patch (bug #1940)
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMerge source cleanups (bug #1911)
2004-06-22 James GolovichRemove pthread.h from source. We should be using aster...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMerge major BSD mutex and symbol conflict patches ...
2004-06-13 Mark Spencerx86-64 compile fixes and cleanups
2004-06-09 Mark SpencerMerge FreeBSD locking fixes (bug #1411)
2004-05-16 Jeremy McNamaraadd iLBC optimizations from bkw
2004-04-22 Mark SpencerFix iLBC with valgrind, add iLBC format from bkw_
2004-04-04 Mark SpencerMinor samples updates
2004-03-15 Mark SpencerAlpha portability from Ricudis
2004-03-11 Mark SpencerBy default disable non-standard changes
2004-03-11 Mark SpencerMake ADPCM frames standard
2004-02-25 Mark SpencerAdd G.726-32kbps Codec Transcoder (Tested with Cisco...
2004-01-15 Malcolm DavenportBug #857. More fixes for GSM Makefile for PPC
2004-01-08 Malcolm DavenportAdd the SuSE AMD64 support and fixes from Bug #706
2003-11-23 Mark SpencerVarious warning cleanups
2003-11-04 Mark SpencerRemove really broke MP3 stuff in favor of G.726 in...
2003-10-27 Mark SpencerMore cleanups and OSX fixes for 10.3
2003-10-26 Mark SpencerMake it build and run on MacOS X
2003-10-25 Mark SpencerAdd DESTDIR support (bug #200)
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerFix include order
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerFreeBSD patch, take 2
2003-10-16 Martin PyckoRevert the previous patch since it's braking compilation
2003-10-16 Mark SpencerSane FreeBSD patch
2003-10-02 Mark SpencerMinor ADPCM quality enhancements
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix various compiler warnings (bug #322)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix iLBC quality issue
2003-09-19 Mark SpencerCode cleanups (bug #66)