Merge config sample updates mentioning reload (bug #3697)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / configs / logger.conf.sample
2005-03-17 Mark SpencerMerge config sample updates mentioning reload (bug...
2005-03-11 Mark SpencerApply queuelog patch and perform final test of "test...
2004-09-05 Mark SpencerMerge Brian West's append hostname patch (bug #2372)
2004-05-18 Mark SpencerAdd date formatting capability for logger (bug #1665)
2004-05-03 Mark SpencerAdd SayPhonetic and SayAlpha applications (bug #793)
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerUpdate logger.conf sample (bug #941, modified)
2004-01-27 Mark SpencerAdd verbose messages to be logged (bug #599)
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerAdd ww's improved syslog support (bug #587)
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerHave a contact line in responses, merge logging patches
2003-09-28 Mark SpencerShow how to add debug to console easier
2002-02-11 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.11 from FTP