ast_coredumper: Remove .gdbinit file on exit
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / contrib / scripts /
2018-10-03 Sean Brightast_coredumper: Remove .gdbinit file on exit
2018-10-02 Corey Farrellastobj2: Record lock usage to refs log when DEBUG_THREA...
2018-09-17 Corey Farrellinstall_prereq: Remove unpackaged version of jansson.
2018-08-14 Richard Mudgettcontrib/scripts: Make astgenkey executable
2018-05-24 George Josephast_coredumper: Fix output directory and variable...
2018-05-09 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Enable python3 compatibility.
2018-04-20 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add DragonFly BSD.
2018-04-09 Corey FarrellBuild System: Enable python3 compatibility.
2018-04-03 Joshua ColpMerge "install_prereq: Add Gentoo Linux."
2018-03-23 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add Slackware (somehow).
2018-03-23 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add Gentoo Linux.
2018-03-17 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: Remove unused dependency on libltdl.
2018-03-15 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add Arch Linux.
2018-03-14 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add SUSE.
2018-03-14 Jenkins2Merge "install_prereq: Update FreeBSD libraries."
2018-03-12 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update FreeBSD libraries.
2018-03-08 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Add NetBSD.
2018-02-23 George Josephast_coredumper: Minor fixes
2018-02-22 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update FreeBSD libraries.
2018-02-20 Jenkins2Merge "install_prereq: Update OpenBSD libraries."
2018-02-16 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update OpenBSD libraries.
2018-02-16 Torrey Searlecontrib/script/sip_to_pjsip: add support for realtime
2018-02-14 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: Remove chan_h323 leftovers.
2018-02-12 Corey Farrelljson: Add conditionals to avoid locking if Jansson...
2018-02-10 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update Debian/Ubuntu libraries.
2018-01-31 Jenkins2Merge "install_prereq: Update RHEL/CentOS/Fedora librar...
2018-01-29 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update RHEL/CentOS/Fedora libraries.
2018-01-26 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Download latest Jansson.
2018-01-25 Jenkins2Merge "install_prereq: For PJProject, point users to...
2018-01-24 Jenkins2Merge "install_prereq: Support package manager DNF...
2018-01-22 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: For PJProject, point users to configure...
2018-01-19 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update Debian/Ubuntu libraries.
2018-01-19 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Support package manager DNF and yum...
2018-01-12 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Update Debian/Ubuntu libraries.
2017-12-22 Sean BrightRemove as much trailing whitespace as possible.
2017-12-21 Sean BrightFix some invalid Unicode characters
2017-11-15 George Josephast_coredumper: Add ability to use directory other...
2017-11-04 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Checkout of libSRTP 2.x.
2017-10-31 Joshua ColpMerge "ast_coredumper: allow setting asterisk binary...
2017-10-30 Tzafrir Cohenast_coredumper: allow setting asterisk binary explicitly
2017-10-25 George Josephast_coredumper: Add gzipping of binaries and display...
2017-10-16 Torrey Searlecontrib/script/sip_to_pjsip: implement 'all' for allow...
2017-10-10 Torrey Searlecontrib/thirdparty/sip_to_pjsip: add additional flag...
2017-07-21 George JosephRestore the incorrectly deleted spandspflow2pcap.log
2017-07-21 George JosephMerge "corosync: Fix corosync library name in"
2017-07-20 George JosephUpdate AMI and ARI versions for master/15 and update...
2017-07-20 Sean Brightcorosync: Fix corosync library name in
2017-01-27 George Josephdebug_utilities: Add ast_logescalator
2017-01-20 George Josephdebug_utilities: Create ast_loggrabber
2017-01-11 George Josephdebug_utilities: Create the ast_coredumper utility
2016-12-15 Richard Mudgettautosupport: Add 'pjproject show buildopts'
2016-10-23 Joshua Colppjsip: Support dual stack automatically.
2016-09-14 zuulMerge " Map legacy_useroption_parsing."
2016-09-09 Richard Map legacy_useroption_parsing.
2016-09-09 Walter Doekescontrib: Let safe_asterisk script continue without...
2016-09-06 zuulMerge " Map canreinvite as directmedia...
2016-09-06 zuulMerge " Fix typo converting outboundpro...
2016-09-02 Richard Map canreinvite as directmedia alias.
2016-09-02 Richard Fix typo converting outboundproxy...
2016-09-02 Richard Fix comment typo and tabs.
2016-08-26 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Migrate IPv4/IPv6 (Dual Stack) configurat...
2016-08-19 zuulMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Map externhost/ip to Transports."
2016-08-19 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Add cert_file.
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Write cos and tos."
2016-08-18 Kevin Harwellsip_to_pjsip: Set correct tls transport method
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Parse register even with transport."
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Write local_net, contact_acl,...
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Map (session-)timers correctly."
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Add cert_file and ca_list_path."
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Write username even without authname."
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Map the TLS method correctly."
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Add compactheaders, timerb, timert...
2016-08-18 Joshua ColpMerge "sip_to_pjsip: Write media_encryption."
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Map the TLS method correctly.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Add compactheaders, timerb, timert1,...
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Map (session-)timers correctly.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Write username even without authname.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Parse register even with transport.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Write local_net, contact_acl, contact_den...
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Map externhost/ip to Transports.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Add defaultexpiry, maxexpiry, and minexpiry.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Write media_encryption.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Write cos and tos.
2016-08-18 Alexander Traudsip_to_pjsip: Add cert_file and ca_list_path.
2016-08-03 Joshua Colpastconfigparser: Really handle case where line is simpl...
2016-07-29 Joshua Colpastconfigparser: Handle case where line is simply a...
2016-07-26 Joshua Update with realtime fixes.
2016-07-11 Alexander Traudinstall_prereq: Checkout of libSRTP 1.5.x.
2016-05-03 George Josephpjproject_bundled: Various fixes discovered during...
2016-04-04 George Josephinstall_prereq: Fix check_installed_debs remove subversion
2016-03-05 George Josephinstall_prereq: Add packages for bundled pjproject
2016-01-13 Richard Mudgettres_pjsip_log_forwarder.c: Add CLI "pjsip show buildopts".
2016-01-06 Walter DoekesAdd sipp-sendfax.xml and to contrib...
2015-10-26 Joshua ColpMerge "install_prereq: Update repositories before insta...
2015-10-26 Rodrigo Ramírez... install_prereq: Update repositories before install...
2015-10-20 Matt Jordancontrib/scripts/autosupport: Update for Asterisk 13
2015-09-25 Scott GriepentrogScripts: check file versions of Asterisk and dependencies
2015-08-19 Scott Griepentrogcontrib: script install_prereq should install sqlite3
2015-06-04 Rodrigo Ramírez... install_prereq: Check if is installed aptitude otherwis...
2015-05-14 Corey FarrellMALLOC_DEBUG: Replace WRAP_LIBC_MALLOC with ASTMM_LIBC.