SIP channel name uniqueness
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2008-05-01 Russell BryantMerge changes from team/russell/smdi-msg-searching
2008-03-07 Russell Bryantfix example usage
2008-03-07 Russell Bryantminor text changes
2008-03-07 Russell BryantAdd updated SMDI documentation that I had only sitting...
2006-08-15 Joshua ColpSMDI documentation fix (issue #7732 reported by mnicholson)
2006-06-07 Russell Bryantremove the WITH_SMDI define
2006-04-25 Tilghman LesherBug 7032 - Remove deprecated use of ${CALLERIDNUM}
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonAdd smdi support for asterisk (see doc/smdi.txt for...