proper header name and attribution (issue #5218)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / fskmodem.c
2005-09-14 Kevin P. Flemingupdate MANY more files with proper copyright/license...
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Flemingmore file version tags
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Flemingremove experimental module version tags
2005-05-15 Russell Bryantupdate Mark's email address
2005-04-22 Kevin P. Flemingphase 1 of header include cleanup (bug #4067)
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse double-quotes instead of angle-brackets for non...
2004-09-19 Mark SpencerMerge UK + DTMF Caller*ID stuff and fix app_test descri...
2001-11-10 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.10 from FTP
2001-03-24 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.7 from FTP