Clean up doxygen warnings
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / include / asterisk / config_options.h
2012-08-30 Matthew JordanClean up doxygen warnings
2012-07-19 Terry WilsonConvert app_confbridge to use the config options framework
2012-07-12 Terry WilsonHandle deprecated (aliased) option names with the confi...
2012-06-28 Terry WilsonAdd the ability to set flags via the config options api
2012-06-14 Terry WilsonAdd a post_apply callback to the Config Options API
2012-06-14 Terry WilsonAdd filename alias support to the Config Options API
2012-06-07 Terry WilsonFix reloading an unchanged file with the Config Options API
2012-06-07 Terry WilsonAdd default handler documentation and standardize acl...
2012-06-01 Terry WilsonAdd new config-parsing framework