stream: Make ast_stream_topology_create_from_format_cap() allow NULL cap.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / include / asterisk / stream.h
2017-04-28 Richard Mudgettstream: Make ast_stream_topology_create_from_format_cap...
2017-04-27 Joshua Colpchannel: Add ability to request an outgoing channel...
2017-03-14 George JosephRFC sdp: Initial SDP creation
2017-02-22 Joshua Colpcore: Show streams in "core show channel".
2017-02-16 George Josephstream: Rename creates/destroys to allocs/frees
2017-02-14 George Josephstream: Add stream topology to channel
2017-02-13 George Josephstream: Add media stream topology definition and API
2017-02-10 Joshua Colpstream: Add media stream definition and API with unit...