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[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / codec_builtin.c
2016-11-16 Richard Mudgettcodec_opus: Fix warning when Opus negotiated but codec_...
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2016-09-14 Joshua Colprtp: Preserve timestamps on video frames.
2016-09-04 Joshua ColpMerge "codecs: Add Codec 2 mode 2400."
2016-08-24 Alexander Traudcodecs: Add Codec 2 mode 2400.
2016-07-22 Alexander Traudcodecs: Add iLBC 20.
2016-07-14 Mark MichelsonUpdate support for SILK format.
2016-06-29 George Josephcodecs: Fix ABI incompatibility created by adding...
2016-06-03 George Josephari/resource_channels: Add 'formats' to channel create...
2015-10-21 Alexander Traudformat: Update the maximum packetization time for iLBC 30.
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2015-03-17 Scott GriepentrogVarious: bugfixes found via chaos
2014-07-20 Matthew Jordanmedia formats: re-architect handling of media for perfo...