CLI: Create ast_cli_completion_add function.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / main / sdp_private.h
2017-06-20 Richard MudgettSDP: Rework SDP offer/answer model and update capabilit...
2017-06-15 Richard MudgettSDP: Add get/set option calls for RTP sched context...
2017-05-09 Richard MudgettSDP: Add interface_address to specify our address to...
2017-05-02 Richard MudgettSDP: Replace SDP telephone_event option with dtmf option
2017-04-27 Mark MichelsonSDP API: Add SSRC-level attributes
2017-04-25 Joshua Colpsdp: Add support for T.38
2017-04-25 Mark MichelsonSDP: Ensure SDPs "merge" properly.
2017-03-14 George JosephRFC sdp: Initial SDP creation