The Eurostar Commit! (it's amazing how much work you can get done on a 150 minute...
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / pbx / ael /
2006-06-18 Russell Bryantmerge changes from team/murf/AEL-trunk-fixesonly
2006-06-10 Russell Bryantdon't use ast_copy_string when building for an external...
2006-06-09 Kevin P. Flemingvarious minor portability fixes (mostly from tholo...
2006-06-07 Kevin P. Flemingsimplify autoconfig include mechanism (make tholo happy...
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzomore simplifications
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoconsistent rule for goto...
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoremove another useless nonterminal
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoremove a useless nonterminal
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzomore simplifications
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoremove more shift-reduce conflicts
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoremove a redundant rule
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoreduce shift/reduce warnings
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzosimplify case_statements
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzoswitch statement in one place
2006-05-03 Luigi Rizzocommon syntax for context name
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoanother instance of context name
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzofix a bug previously introduced in the handling of...
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzosimplify case statements
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoone more instance of assignment
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoglobal_statement is really an assignment statement
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoexpressions used in if, while, switch are all of the...
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzomacro statements can be empty
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoempty arglists are valid
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzorename the rule for context names properly
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzosimplify handling of 'include' lists
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzo... and use a single rule for timespec
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzouse a single rule to parse timeranges hh:mm-hh:mm
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoif/ifTime/random statements are all the same thing
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoincludedname is just a regular word_or_default name,
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoremove useless 'extern' declaration
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzoremove some unneeded local variables.
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzomore usage of nword(). I think the references to source
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzomore simplifications involving linku1
2006-05-02 Luigi Rizzocorrect linku1() to handle the case tail = NULL correctly.
2006-05-02 Russell BryantThe build of aelparse was still broken in some cases...
2006-05-01 Luigi Rizzomore simplifications
2006-05-01 Luigi Rizzoalways trim the trailing ';'
2006-05-01 Luigi Rizzocomment usage of contexts
2006-05-01 Luigi Rizzofix dereferencing freed memory
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzoswitch a couple of operands.
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzoput back some simplifications, this time really tested
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzorevert ael.flex to the last correct version.
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzoanother small set of simplifications
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzosimplify logic (runtest passed).
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzomore nword() usages, and mark some dubious places.
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzointroduce a new frontend to npval for the very common...
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzoanother client for switchlist_block
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzomore merge of common blocks through intermediate rules.
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzomake destroy_pval able to handle a NULL value
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzoremove some commented-out code
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzosimplify updating the token position markers
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzomore comments
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzocomment some code
2006-04-30 Luigi Rizzomore simplifications in the bison sources,
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzomake the 'runtest' filter less strict on line numbers.
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzosimplify handling of line numbers
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzofix last known bug in computing columb numbers in error...
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzofix a bug in computing line numbers
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzo- fix miscalculation in column numbers when multiple...
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzolast batch of npval -> npval2 changes
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzomore npval -> npval2 changes
2006-04-28 Luigi Rizzomore npval -> npval2 conversions
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofix destructor for pval objects (thanks to Steve Murphy);
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoalways call the destructor
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodocument variable and options used.
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodocument options, move objects of the same type close to
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoslightly restructure a block to reduce nesting,
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoimore npval -> npval2 conversions
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore npval2 replacement, mark XXX dubious arguments
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore npval -> npval2 replacement, and a fix for a likely
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzointroduce a simplified interface for npval and start...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoformatting fixes
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouse ast_calloc for memory allocations
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofix a couple of bugs in arguments to npval
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoremove some commented-out code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzofinish packing yylloc into macros
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoadd some comments to the code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore dup removal
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore duplicate removal
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzoremove duplicated code
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzostaticize c_prevword()
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore indentation fixes
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouse asprintf instead of malloc
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore indentation fixes
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomore formatting cleanup
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzocleanup formatting to emphsize common code blocks
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzomove similar blocks close to each other to make similar...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzonormalize and simplify the code for keeping track of...
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzodefine some flex constants for character sets.
2006-04-27 Luigi Rizzouncomment some functions in the flex code that were...
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzouse \t to indicate a tab, and fix indentation for
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzoremove common blocks of code with a macro (waiting...
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzostaticize some variables
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzocomment behaviour of pbcwhere in preparation for its use
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzoinclude/asterisk/ael_structs.h:
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzowhitespace-only change:
2006-04-26 Luigi Rizzowhitespace-only change:
2006-04-25 Luigi Rizzowrong path in include file.