Merge "res_stasis: Fix stale data in ARI bridges"
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_format_attr_h263.c
2017-11-20 Corey FarrellLoader: Remove unneeded load_pri declarations.
2017-05-23 Sean Brightres_format_attr_h26x: Trim blanks in fmtp attributes
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2014-07-25 Mark MichelsonAdd module support level to ast_module_info structure...
2014-07-20 Matthew Jordanmedia formats: re-architect handling of media for perfo...
2014-05-09 Kinsey MooreAllow Asterisk to compile under GCC 4.10
2012-07-13 Joshua ColpReduce memory consumption and add the H.264 and H.263...