Add a SystemName field to all AMI events.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / res_stasis_websocket.c
2013-06-24 Richard MudgettFix menuselect display for stasis modules.
2013-05-10 David M. LeeAddress unload order issues for res_stasis* modules
2013-05-10 Kinsey MooreAdd channel events for res_stasis apps
2013-05-08 David M. LeeFixed MODFLAG for res_stasis_websocket
2013-04-15 David M. LeeAvoid unused variable warning when not in devmode
2013-04-15 David M. LeeMoved core logic from app_stasis to res_stasis
2013-04-08 Matthew JordanDon't attempt a websocket protocol removal if res_http_...
2013-04-08 David M. LeeStasis application WebSocket support