res_stasis: Auto-create context and extens on Stasis app launch.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / res / stasis / app.c
2019-02-04 Ben Fordres_stasis: Auto-create context and extens on Stasis...
2019-01-17 Joshua C. Colpstasis / manager / ari: Better filter messages.
2018-11-26 George Josephbridges: Remove reliance on stasis caching
2018-11-26 Joshua Colpstasis: Segment channel snapshot to reduce creation...
2018-11-26 Joshua Colpstasis: Use an implementation specific channel snapshot...
2018-01-24 Corey FarrellRemove redundant module checks and references.
2018-01-10 Joshua ColpMerge "res_stasis: Reduce RAII_VAR usage."
2018-01-08 Corey Farrellres_stasis: Reduce RAII_VAR usage.
2018-01-08 Corey Farrellres_stasis: Fix app_is_subscribed_bridge_id.
2017-12-22 Sean BrightRemove as much trailing whitespace as possible.
2017-11-08 Joshua ColpMerge "res_stasis: Fix multiple leaks."
2017-11-07 Corey Farrellres_stasis: Fix multiple leaks.
2017-11-06 Richard Mudgettstasis/app.c: Optimize stasis_app_get_debug_by_name()
2017-01-23 George Josephari: Implement 'debug all' and request/response logging
2016-11-14 Matt Jordanres/ari/resource_bridges: Add the ability to manipulate...
2016-11-01 Matt Jordanres/stasis: Add CLI commands for displaying/debugging...
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2016-10-17 Matt Jordanres/ari: Add the Asterisk EID field to outgoing events
2016-10-13 Richard MudgettAudit ast_json_pack() calls for needed UTF-8 checks.
2015-12-16 Joshua Colpjson: Audit ast_json_* usage for thread safety.
2015-09-22 Matt JordanARI: Add the ability to subscribe to all events
2015-05-22 Matt Jordanres/ari: Register Stasis application on WebSocket attempt
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2015-01-22 Scott Griepentrogstasis transfer: fix a race condition on stasis bridge...
2014-12-08 Mark MichelsonAdd new AMI and ARI events for connected line changes...
2014-12-08 Kinsey MooreStasis: Fix StasisStart/End order and missing events
2014-11-14 Mark MichelsonFix race condition that could result in ARI transfer...
2014-11-13 Kinsey MooreStasis: Fix StasisEnd message ordering
2014-08-20 Kinsey MooreStasis: Add information to blind transfer event
2014-08-18 Matthew JordanImprove call forwarding reporting, especially with...
2014-08-07 Kinsey MooreStasis: Convey transfer information to applications
2014-08-05 Matthew JordanMultiple revisions 420089-420090,420097
2014-07-07 Matthew JordanARI/res_stasis: Subscribe to both Local channel halves...
2014-05-22 Scott GriepentrogARI: Add ability to raise arbitrary User Events
2014-04-22 Joshua Colpres_stasis: Fix crash when handling a failed blind...
2014-04-15 Richard MudgettRemove unused RAII_VAR() declarations.
2014-03-16 Matthew Jordanstasis/app.c: Add some extra debugging for subscription...
2014-02-01 Joshua Colpres_stasis: Enable transfers and provide events when...
2013-12-14 Joshua Colpres_stasis: Expose event for call forwarding and follow...
2013-11-23 Kevin HarwellARI: Implement device state API
2013-11-22 Kinsey MooreARI: Don't leak implementation details
2013-10-31 David M. Leestasis: add functions embarrassingly missing from r400522
2013-10-25 Richard MudgettYou'd think that new files would be free of whitespace...
2013-10-04 Matthew JordanARI: Add subscription support
2013-09-30 David M. LeeMultiple revisions 399887,400138,400178,400180-400181
2013-09-06 Kinsey MooreFix build warnings
2013-08-27 David M. LeeARI: WebSocket event cleanup
2013-07-26 David M. LeeFix /stasis/res/app_replaced unit test.
2013-07-23 David M. LeeContinue events when ARI WebSocket reconnects
2013-06-10 Kinsey MooreStasis-HTTP: Flesh out bridge-related capabilities
2013-05-15 David M. LeeFixed inverted logic in app_add_channel().
2013-05-14 David M. LeeBreak res_stasis into smaller files.