asterisk.c: Update displayed copyright year for v16 release.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / tests / test_sorcery_realtime.c
2016-10-27 Corey FarrellRemove ASTERISK_REGISTER_FILE.
2016-07-07 Alexei Gradinarires_sorcery_realtime: fix bug when successful UPDATE...
2016-03-28 George Josephsorcery/res_pjsip: Refactor for realtime performance
2016-01-12 Mark Michelsonres_sorcery_realtime: Remove leading ^ requirement.
2015-06-24 Richard MudgettUnit tests: Fix unit test description strings.
2015-04-13 Matt Jordangit migration: Refactor the ASTERISK_FILE_VERSION macro
2014-10-13 George Josephmanager/config: Support templates and non-unique catego...
2014-07-22 Kinsey MooreFix more dev-mode build issues
2014-04-02 Mark MichelsonPrevent duplicate sorcery wizards from being applied...
2014-03-17 Mark MichelsonRevert changes to sorcery that accidentally got committed.
2014-03-17 Mark MichelsonFix stuck channel in ARI through the introduction of...
2014-03-14 Mark MichelsonFix failing realtime sorcery tests.
2014-03-07 Mark MichelsonMake res_sorcery_realtime filter unknown retrieved...
2013-08-23 Matthew JordanFix sorcery unit tests
2013-06-23 Joshua ColpAdd missing ast_sorcery_generic_alloc conversions.
2013-04-27 Joshua ColpAdd support for a realtime sorcery module.