Direct Media calls within private network sometimes get one way audio
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / tests / test_threadpool.c
2013-02-12 David M. LeeAdd a serializer interface to the threadpool
2013-01-17 Mark MichelsonAddress David's latest feedback on reviewboard:
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonMake the threadpool listener opaque.
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonMake the initial size of the threadpool part of the...
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonRemove threadpool listener alloc and destroy callbacks.
2013-01-07 Mark MichelsonAddress review board feedback from Matt and Richard
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd auto-increment option and accompanying test.
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonSolve the issue about the "CHANGE THIS" and "XXX CHANGE...
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonMake thread state waiting a little less ugly and not...
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonImprove timedwaits in tests to actually behave like...
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonAdd threadpool options and accompanying test.
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonImprove shutdown procedure.
2012-12-09 Mark MichelsonAdd some useful debugging in threadpool test failure...
2012-12-09 Mark MichelsonCreate longer thread destruction test.
2012-12-08 Mark MichelsonAdd a task distribution test.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd threadpool reactivation test.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd a single-thread multi-task test.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd test where we create a thread and push a task.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd test where we add a task then create a thread for it.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd threadpool destruction test.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonFix up categories of threadpool tests.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd new threadpool test and fix some taskprocessor...
2012-12-06 Mark MichelsonAdd initial simple threadpool test.