Merge "CI: Add install-headers to the install make targets"
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / tests /
2019-07-19 George JosephCI: Add install-headers to the install make targets
2019-07-08 Kevin Harwellmwi: Update the MWI core to use stasis_state API
2019-07-02 Friendly AutomationMerge "stasis_state: Add new stasis_state module"
2019-06-28 Kevin Harwellstasis_state: Add new stasis_state module
2019-06-19 George JosephCI: New way to determnine libdir
2019-05-21 Matt Jordanres_prometheus: Add Asterisk channel metrics
2019-05-21 Matt JordanAdd core Prometheus support to Asterisk
2019-05-06 Kevin Harwellconversions.c: Add conversions for largest max sized...
2019-04-15 George JosephCI: Move test group config files to Jenkins
2019-04-08 Friendly AutomationMerge "CI: Add --no-dev-mode option to"
2019-04-08 Friendly AutomationMerge "main/json.c: Added app_name, app_data to channel...
2019-04-03 George JosephCI: Add --no-dev-mode option to
2019-03-26 sungtae kimmain/json.c: Added app_name, app_data to channel type
2019-03-26 Friendly AutomationMerge "res/res_ari: Added timestamp as a requirement...
2019-03-18 George Josephsorcery.c: Sorcery enhancements for wizard management
2019-03-11 sungtae kimres/res_ari: Added timestamp as a requirement for all...
2019-02-27 George JosephCI: Update jenkinsfiles with new Gerrit URLs
2019-02-20 George Josephtaskprocessor: Enable subsystems and overload by subsystem
2019-02-19 Joshua ColpCI: Use tmpfs option to Docker instead of mount.
2019-02-08 Joshua Colpci: Rerun unit tests when non-code changes occur.
2018-12-12 Friendly AutomationMerge "stasis: Allow filtering by formatter"
2018-12-07 George Josephstasis: Allow filtering by formatter
2018-12-05 George JosephCI: Various updates to
2018-12-02 Chris-Savinovichtest_websocket_client.c: Disable websocket_client_creat...
2018-11-29 George JosephMerge "bridges: Remove reliance on stasis caching"
2018-11-26 George Josephtest_cel: Plug a few ref leaks
2018-11-26 George Josephbridges: Remove reliance on stasis caching
2018-11-26 Jenkins2Merge "stasis: Segment channel snapshot to reduce creat...
2018-11-26 Joshua ColpMerge "astobj2: Create function to copy weak proxied...
2018-11-26 Joshua Colpstasis: Segment channel snapshot to reduce creation...
2018-11-26 Joshua Colpstasis: Use an implementation specific channel snapshot...
2018-11-21 Corey Farrellastobj2: Remove legacy ao2_container_alloc routine.
2018-11-21 Corey Farrellastobj2: Create function to copy weak proxied objects...
2018-11-19 George JosephCI: Get job timeouts from environment
2018-11-19 Joshua ColpMerge "test_res_pjsip_scheduler: Fix possible write...
2018-11-19 George Josephbacktrace: Refactor ast_bt_get_symbols so it doesn...
2018-11-18 George JosephCI: Add tmpfs to all jenkinsfiles
2018-11-17 George JosephCI: Mount a tmpfs on /tmp for testsuite docker containers
2018-11-17 George JosephCI: Pass work directory to runTestsuite
2018-11-16 George JosephCI: Allow runUnittests to use 'expect' to run the tests
2018-11-13 Corey Farrelltest_res_pjsip_scheduler: Fix possible write after...
2018-10-19 Corey Farrellastobj2: Eliminate legacy container allocation macros.
2018-10-19 George JosephMerge "taskprocessor: Warn on unused result from pushin...
2018-10-17 Richard Mudgettmodules: Add missing run time module support levels.
2018-10-17 Corey Farrelltaskprocessor: Warn on unused result from pushing task.
2018-10-04 George JosephCI: Fix missing () in gates.jenkinsfile
2018-10-04 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Add timestamps and timeouts to jenkinsfiles"
2018-10-04 Jenkins2Merge "jenkins: Fix cleanup command redirection."
2018-10-04 George JosephCI: Add timestamps and timeouts to jenkinsfiles
2018-10-04 George JosephMerge "CI: Use brace expansion instead of calling out...
2018-10-03 Sean BrightCI: Look up configured kernel.core_pattern sysctl
2018-10-03 Corey Farrelljenkins: Fix cleanup command redirection.
2018-10-03 Sean BrightCI: Use brace expansion instead of calling out to seq
2018-10-03 Sean BrightCI: Use bindport instead of port in test http.conf
2018-09-26 George JosephCI: Add --test-timeout option to
2018-09-17 George JosephCI: Fix typo in testsuite git checkout
2018-09-14 George JosephCI: Use proper credentials for Security testsuite checkout
2018-09-13 Jenkins2Merge "optional_api: Remove unused nonoptreq fields"
2018-09-12 Corey FarrellCI: Use .gitreview to default BRANCH_NAME.
2018-09-12 Walter Doekesoptional_api: Remove unused nonoptreq fields
2018-08-27 Corey FarrellCreate --disable-binary-modules option.
2018-08-16 George JosephCI: Fixup for non-13 branches
2018-08-16 George JosephCI: Final version of setting correct gerrit creds
2018-08-16 George JosephCI: Add https credentials to gerrit checkouts
2018-08-14 Jenkins2Merge "Build System: Improve ccache matching for differ...
2018-08-08 Corey FarrellCI: Add support for coverage processing.
2018-08-01 Corey FarrellBuild System: Improve ccache matching for different...
2018-07-30 George JosephCI: Add optional uninstall step before installing asterisk
2018-07-26 George JosephCI: Fix placement of job summary statments
2018-07-26 George JosephCI: Add docker info to job summary
2018-07-25 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Explicitly pass BRANCH_NAME to buildAsterisk...
2018-07-25 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Add options to initialize and cleanup databa...
2018-07-25 George JosephCI: Explicitly pass BRANCH_NAME to buildAsterisk and...
2018-07-25 George JosephCI: Add options to initialize and cleanup database...
2018-07-25 Corey FarrellCI: Do not `mkdir 2`.
2018-07-25 George JosephCI: RefDebug: Fix reference to testsuite URL
2018-07-24 Corey FarrellCI: Use bundled jansson if needed.
2018-07-24 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Set correct user:group when publishing docs"
2018-07-24 George JosephCI: Add --privileged flag to docker options
2018-07-24 George JosephCI: Set correct user:group when publishing docs
2018-07-23 Corey FarrellCI: Split --test-command argument.
2018-07-23 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Fix mkdir CACHE_DIR."
2018-07-23 Jenkins2Merge "CI: Fix logger.conf for unit tests."
2018-07-22 Corey FarrellCI: Fix mkdir CACHE_DIR.
2018-07-20 Corey FarrellCI: Fix logger.conf for unit tests.
2018-07-20 George JosephCI: Add wiki doc publish to periodics
2018-07-18 Ben Fordres_rtp_asterisk: Add support for sending NACK requests.
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Fix merge strategy
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Fix regex in daily and ref_debug jobs
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Add pre-build merge back in as RECURSIVE
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Remove pre-build merge from gates and checks
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Fix logic inversion in runTestsuite
2018-07-17 George JosephCI: Add teardownRealtime
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: Prevent Jenkins from triggering jobs back to itself
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: runUnittests: loop a few times on waitfullybooted
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: Add realtime checks to dailies
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: Add weekly REF_DEBUG testsuite run
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: Fix bad reporting of status by the verification pub
2018-07-16 George JosephCI: Make build tag an acceptable docker name
2018-07-13 George JosephCI: Add daily periodics to CI