2014-04-30 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Build against 2.6.18 and CentOS 5.5
2014-04-30 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Trivial fix of 'source' in comment.
2014-04-30 Shaun Ruffellwctc4xxp: Trivial. Remove unused timer_list from struct...
2014-04-30 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Define pf_fmt() globally in kernel.h
2014-04-01 Shaun Ruffellwcte43xp: Close potential unbalanced call to enable_irq().
2014-04-01 Shaun Ruffellwcte13xp: Remove redundant call to synchronize_irq().
2014-04-01 Shaun Ruffellwcte13xp: Trivial. Remove duplicate pointer to "struct...
2014-03-31 Tzafrir Cohenfirmware: Honor DESTDIR when installing firmware. v2.9.1.1
2014-03-23 Oron Peledxpp: fix PANIC for old dahdi_registration v2.9.1 v2.9.1-rc2
2014-03-19 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Disable presence detect reporting on upstream... v2.9.1-rc1
2014-03-17 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Update firmware for TE435 / TE235 to e0019.
2014-03-17 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Update firmware for A8B/A4B to 1d0019/b0019.
2014-03-17 Shaun Ruffellwcte13xp: Update firmware for TE133/TE131 to 780019
2014-03-17 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Add diagnostic message if DMA retries are increas...
2014-03-17 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Reset TDM engine on IO errors.
2014-03-13 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Print running version when recommending power...
2014-03-13 Shaun Ruffellbuild_tools/install_firwmare: Try to extract the .bin...
2014-03-13 Shaun Ruffellfirmware: Refactor by using build_tools/install_firmware.
2014-02-05 Oron Peledxpp: PRI stability fixes
2014-02-05 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_get_auto_assigned_spans
2014-01-28 Tzafrir Cohensysfs: registration_time: use ktime_get_ts v2.9.0 v2.9.0-rc2
2014-01-28 Tzafrir CohenREADME: The sysfs class now includes no channels
2014-01-28 Tzafrir CohenREADME: the new registration_time device attribute
2014-01-28 Oron Peledsysfs: new device attribute: registration_time
2014-01-28 Tzafrir CohenREADME: xpp.dahdi_autoreg is deprecated
2014-01-28 Oron Peledxpp: continue xpp.dahdi_autoreg deprecation
2014-01-28 Oron Peledxpp: deprecate dahdi_autoreg
2014-01-24 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: wcxb: Add delayed reset firmware feature v2.9.0-rc1
2014-01-23 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x, wcte13xp, wcaxx: Bump irqmisses counter when...
2014-01-23 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp: Trivial drop of unnecessary local variables.
2014-01-23 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Trivial drop of unnecessary local variables.
2014-01-22 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: wcaxx: wcte43x: Remove VPM_SUPPORT compile...
2014-01-21 Russ MeyerriecksRevert "dahdi: Change auto_assign_spans default from...
2014-01-17 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Add support for te131 and te132 products
2014-01-17 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Update firmware to 0x780017
2014-01-17 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: wcaxx: Fix broken devicetype attributes
2014-01-14 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Do not access invalid memory if invalid local...
2014-01-08 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x, wcte13xp: Use MSI interrupts if possible.
2014-01-08 Shaun Ruffellwcte13xp: Export max_latency module parameter.
2014-01-08 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx, wcte13xp, wcte43x: Honor max_latency module...
2014-01-06 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Change auto_assign_spans default from 1 to 0.
2013-12-26 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Move clearing of DAHDI_ALARM_NOTOPEN to __dahdi_...
2013-12-20 Shaun Ruffellwctdm24xxp: Reset module specific type information...
2013-12-19 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Fix bug preventing recover timing from ever... v2.8.0.1
2013-12-12 Shaun Ruffellbuild_tools/dkms-helper: Helper script for DKMS integra...
2013-12-06 Shaun Ruffellxpp: Replace drv_attrs with drv_groups on kernels ... v2.8.0
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Fix previous CentOS 6.5 commit. v2.8.0-rc4 v2.8.0-rc5
2013-12-02 Shaun RuffellRevert "wcaxx: Use startup/shutdown callbacks to protec... v2.8.0-rc3
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Replace drv_attr with drv_groups on kernels...
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Update firmware to version e0017.
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Add extra dummy read when checking for single...
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Do not access cur_transfer/cur_msg outside of...
2013-12-02 Oron PeledMakefile: new 'make-dist' target
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: is_pcie -> pci_is_pcie()
2013-12-02 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: CentOS 6.5 backported PDE_DATA definition.
2013-11-29 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Remove "ddev" symlink before unregistering the...
2013-11-26 Shaun Ruffellwctdm24xxp: Remove assigned callback.
2013-11-25 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Use startup/shutdown callbacks to protect access...
2013-11-24 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_dynamic: Create a span type for dynamic spans.
2013-11-24 Shaun Ruffelloct612x: Make dependent on dahdi.ko
2013-11-24 Tzafrir CohenIgnore some more firmware files
2013-11-24 Oron Peledsysfs: new driver attribute: master_span
2013-11-24 Oron Peledxpp: automatic dahdi_registration by default
2013-11-24 Oron PeledRename "pinned spans" to "assigned spans"
2013-11-24 Oron Peled.gitignore: *.ko.unsigned
2013-11-24 Oron Peleddahdi: Rename span 'master' as 'master_span'
2013-11-24 Oron Peledsysfs: create symlink "ddev" to device of span
2013-11-24 Oron Peledremove udev rules: moved to dahdi-tools
2013-11-24 Oron Peledlive_dahdi: load "dahdi" with tools_rootdir=$DESTDIR
2013-11-24 Oron PeledAlso send DAHDI_TOOLS_ROOTDIR with device events
2013-11-24 Oron Peleddahdi: add "tools_rootdir" module parameter
2013-11-20 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Remove 'dcxo' debug attribute. v2.8.0-rc2
2013-11-20 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Do not grab reglock in handle_transmit/handle_...
2013-11-17 Shaun RuffellLwcaxx: Remove some left over debugging trace statements.
2013-11-16 Shaun Ruffellwcxb: Update the firmware meta block during flash update.
2013-11-16 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Update A4B firmware to version 0b0017
2013-11-11 Wendell Thompsonwcte43x: Add driver for TE435/TE235 digital cards. v2.8.0-rc1
2013-11-11 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Improve maintenance functions and error counters
2013-11-11 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Hold framer in reset to stop xmit on modprobe -r
2013-11-11 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Migrate to wcxb library
2013-11-11 Wendell Thompsonwcte13xp: Use interrupts for Falc alarms and signaling
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: New driver for A4A/A4B/A8A/A8B analog cards.
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp, wcte13xp: Move the octasic DSP code into separ...
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp: If linemode changed via sysfs, reset the compl...
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp: VPM companding switch print is now debug only.
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp: Fix bipolar error insertion test mode.
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwct4xxp: Print warning in dmesg if span priority is...
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Backport try_wait_for_completion() and list_firs...
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Work around missing KBUILD_MODNAME
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Fix placement of '/' in output of /proc/dahdi/x
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffelldahdi: Clear DAHDI_ALARM_NOTOPEN when spans are re...
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_config: Remove unused NO_DCDC definition.
2013-11-10 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: Fail loading if no module on first slot
2013-11-10 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: mark an AB as failed if it gives bad desc
2013-11-07 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: USB_FW.202.hex: provide as a symlink
2013-11-06 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: Firmware for Astribanks 2.02: Makefile
2013-10-21 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: Firmware for Astribanks 2.02
2013-10-01 Oron Peledadd a 'location' attribute to sysfs (dahdi_device):
2013-10-01 Oron Peledxpp: ring/mwi settings: add to FXS init script
2013-10-01 Oron Peledxpp: FXS: ring/mwi settings: a sysfs interface