descriptionDAHDI Linux (official)
last changeThu, 11 Jan 2018 13:23:55 +0000 (15:23 +0200)
2018-01-11 Tzafrir CohenIgnore quilt .pc directory, used in deb packaging master
2018-01-01 Jean-Denis... DAHDI in kernel 4.13: dev_attr to dev_groups
2017-09-17 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: mark init_card_6_30 as executable
2017-09-13 Dima Stoliarovxpp: fxs: restore linefeed (for e.g. thermal alarm) next
2017-09-13 Dima Stoliarovxpp: fxs: reduce loop current to reduce heating
2017-07-17 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: FPGA_1161.202.hex now alias for 201
2017-06-26 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: card_pri: fix clocking initialization
2017-06-26 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: fxo: update red alarms on span assignment
2017-06-26 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: add xpd method span_assigned
2017-06-26 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: bug fix in FPGA firmware: 11553
2017-06-26 Dima Stoliarovxpp: init_card_6_3: parallel calibration
2017-06-26 Dima Stoliarovxpp: init_card_6_3: broadcasts for faster calibration
2017-06-26 Tzafrir Cohenfail non-blocking I/O in case of span unassignment
2017-06-26 Shaun Ruffell'atomic_read()' -> refcount_read()'
2017-06-26 Shaun Ruffellsignal_pending() is now in linux/sched/signal.h include
2017-06-04 Shaun RuffellGpakApi: Fix misleading indentation.
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3 years ago v2.10.0 v2.10.0
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