Reported by Trent Creekmore
[dahdi/tools.git] / .gitignore
2018-01-11 Tzafrir CohenIgnore quilt .pc directory, used in deb packaging
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: add all base libxtalk files
2015-11-05 Tzafrir Cohenignore: dahdi_pcap and .version
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: xpp: man-pages and perl-scripts
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: add basic libtool support
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: add basic framwork
2015-05-19 Oron Peledbuild: remove autoconf generated files
2014-06-29 Oron Peledadded autoconfig.h to .gitignore
2013-12-29 Tzafrir Cohen.gitignore: more generated files
2013-05-23 Tzafrir CohenIgnore generated files