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2014-01-27 Tzafrir Cohenhyphen/minus fixes in man pages
2014-01-23 Oron PeledChange span-type.conf generation policy
2014-01-23 Oron Peleddahdi_span_types: allow defaults + overrides
2014-01-23 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_span_assignments.8: s/register/assign/
2014-01-23 Oron Pelednew "dahdi_waitfor_span_assignments" tool
2013-11-26 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_span_assignments, dahdi_span_types: Allow conf...
2013-11-26 Shaun RuffellAdd dahdi_ prefix to handle_device, span_types, span_as...
2013-11-24 Oron PeledTerminology rename: "pinned" -> "assigned"
2013-11-24 Oron Peledfxotune: Now options '-b/-e' also apply with '-s'
2013-10-14 Oron Peledfix typos in man-page
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenMan pages for span_types and span_assignments
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenRemove dahdi_map, obsoleted by span_assignments
2013-10-08 Oron Peleddahdi_cfg: can optionally read config from stdin
2013-05-24 Oron Peledbasic user-space for pinned-spans
2011-11-02 Oron Peleddahdi_cfg: add '-S <spanno>' and '-C <chan-ranges>'
2011-09-09 Tzafrir CohenMan page for dahdi_maint
2011-09-09 Tzafrir CohenUpdate the dahdi-monitor man page
2010-08-18 Asterisk Developme... Import DAHDI-Tools r9159