xpp: README: hwid attribute of the xpd sysfs node
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2017-03-21 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: README: hwid attribute of the xpd sysfs node
2017-03-21 Dima Stoliarovxpp_fxloader: Also load PIC of FXS module type 6
2017-03-02 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: run xpp_sync when an Astribank is connected
2016-11-15 Tzafrir CohenDon't install xtalk_send
2016-06-26 Tzafrir CohenTypos. Mostly by Lintian
2016-02-17 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: perl man pages: Perl may be upper case v2.11.1 v2.11.1-rc1
2016-02-15 Tzafrir CohenRemove rcsid: Unused since move to Git
2015-12-22 Oron Peledxpp: move tools man-pages into PBX_USB conditional v2.11.0
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: refactor manual pages out of conditionals
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: Move astribank_license to libastribank
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: allow XTALK_OPTIONS from a file
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: strict compilation flags in oct612x/
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: don't use USB "clear-halt" by default
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: xtalk -- no private status range
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: migrate everything to libxtalk
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: add all base libxtalk files
2015-11-05 Oron Peledconfigure.ac: add libusb/libusbx support (for xpp)
2015-11-05 Oron Peledxpp: automake: cleanup $man_MANS handling
2015-11-05 Tzafrir Cohenxpp.rules: increase xpp_fxloader timeout to 180s
2015-10-26 Russ Meyerrieckswcb4xxp: Adds support for b43x/b23x products v2.11.0-rc1
2015-07-19 Oron Peledxpp: bugfix: waitfor_xpds twinstar, auto_assign_spans
2015-06-22 Russ Meyerriecksxpp: Fix a logical not being applied to the wrong operand
2015-05-26 Oron Peledautotools: now "make distcheck" also works.
2015-05-26 Oron Peledautomake: bugfix: fix installation paths
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: handle "make dist"
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: migrated "--enable-dev-mode"
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: xpp: remove xpp/Makefile.legacy
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: xpp: handle /usr/share/dahdi
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: xpp: handle udev rules
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: xpp: man-pages and perl-scripts
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: handle xpp/ compilation via Makefile.am:
2015-05-19 Oron Peledautomake: add basic framwork
2015-05-19 Oron Peledbuild: xpp -- remove legacy usb-hotplug
2015-05-19 Oron Peledbuild: remove unused xpp/oct612x/Makefile
2015-03-31 Tzafrir Cohenxpp_fxloader: handle empty span-type.conf
2015-01-21 Tzafrir Cohenno astribank_is_starting with hotplug asterisk v2.10.1 v2.10.1-rc2
2014-12-07 Tzafrir Cohenastribank_hook: remove useless 'time' v2.10.1-rc1
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: waitfor_xpds: Always remove Astribank semaphore
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp/astribank_hook: remove Astribank initialization
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: waitfor_xpds: documentation
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: can use modern Asterisk hotplug support
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: waitfor_xpds: assume astribank_is_starting exists
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: waitfor_xpds: expansion error with no ABs
2014-11-06 Oron Peledxpp: astribank_is_starting: improve '-v' output
2014-08-18 Oron Peledxpp: revert USB "clear_halt" change and better overrides.
2014-08-04 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: astribank_hexload: allow empty span specs v2.10.0 v2.10.0-rc1
2014-08-04 Tzafrir Cohenxpp_fxloader: rename variable: default_law -> law
2014-07-18 Russ Meyerrieckswcte43xp: Teach tools about te436 and te236 products
2014-06-29 Oron Peledxpp: support per-port E1/T1 EC
2014-06-29 Oron Peledxpp: set EC firmware according to PRI settings:
2014-06-29 Oron Peledxpp: better dahdi_registration
2014-06-10 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: Don't generate .depends if there's no libusb v2.9.2-rc1
2014-05-11 Oron Peledxpp: better error checking (echo_loader)
2014-05-11 Oron Peledxpp: fix usb "clear_halt" problem
2014-05-11 Oron Peledxpp: safer compilation
2014-04-30 Oron Peleddahdi_genconf: remove hard-coded E1 default
2014-04-30 Oron Peledxpp: waitfor_xpds: handle missing serial numbers
2014-04-30 Oron Peledxpp: dahdi_registration: force re-assignment
2014-02-07 Aslan Laozwaitfor_xpds: handle the case of a failing AB
2014-02-07 Tzafrir Cohenauto_assign_spans may be true even if not '1'
2014-01-23 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_perl: fix regression with an AB with no modules
2014-01-23 Oron PeledChange span-type.conf generation policy
2014-01-22 Russ Meyerrieckswcte13xp: Teach tools about te131 te132 products
2014-01-20 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Add 'modules', 'spantypes', and 'assigne...
2014-01-20 Tzafrir Cohendahdi_genconf: don't generate spantypes by default
2013-11-26 Shaun RuffellAdd dahdi_ prefix to handle_device, span_types, span_as...
2013-11-24 Oron PeledTerminology rename: "pinned" -> "assigned"
2013-11-24 Oron Peledadded udev rules and their install target:
2013-11-22 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_genconf: Do not fail if pinned/assigned span... v2.8.0-rc2 v2.8.0-rc3 v2.8.0-rc4
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwcte43x: Teach tools about the wcte43x driver. v2.8.0-rc1
2013-11-11 Shaun Ruffellwcaxx: Teach tools about the wcaxx driver.
2013-10-21 Tzafrir Cohenxpp_fxloader: support loading AB with ID > 201
2013-10-13 Tzafrir CohenMan pages for span_types and span_assignments
2013-10-13 Oron Peleddahdi_registration: adapt to pinned-spans
2013-10-01 Oron PeledAugment dahdi_genconf default generators list
2013-10-01 Oron Peledadd new dahdi_genconf generators
2013-05-28 Russ MeyerriecksAdd support for Digium's new te13x line of cards v2.7.0 v2.7.0-rc1
2013-03-13 Russ Meyerriecksxpp: Fix compile error with fedora 17
2012-09-20 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: add missing include
2012-09-20 Oron Peleddahdi-tools: xpp: cleanup dead code in xtalk
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: checkpatch clean (almost)
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: Demote one ERR() to DBG()
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: Caller passes xusb_spec to xusb_find_iface()
2012-09-20 Oron Peledxtalk: allow dump_packet() without debug flags
2012-07-29 Tzafrir CohenREADME.Astribank: load module => module load
2012-05-14 Shaun Ruffelldahdi_hardware: Detect the Digium TE820 card.
2012-03-22 Oron Peledxpp: astribank_hook: wait for udev to settle
2012-03-20 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: astribank_allow: useless debug on write
2012-03-19 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: fix build warnings
2012-03-19 Tzafrir Cohenxpp: oct612x: fix build warnings
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: add forgotten include
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Update product ID's in Dahdi::Hardware::USB
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: clobber fpga_load
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: fix manpage of astribank_hexload
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Customizable license markers
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: Add info to astribank_tool -Q
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: echo_loader: whitespace cleanup
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: bugfix: handle echo_loader errors
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: echo_loader.c: add AB id to messages
2012-03-15 Oron Peledxpp: xpp_fxloader: improve output