Convert the ast_channel data structure over to the astobj2 framework.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / build_tools / cflags.xml
1         <category name="MENUSELECT_CFLAGS" displayname="Compiler Flags" positive_output="yes" remove_on_change=".lastclean">
2                 <member name="DONT_OPTIMIZE" displayname="Disable Optimizations by the Compiler">
3                 </member>
4                 <member name="DEBUG_THREADS" displayname="Enable Thread Debugging">
5                 </member>
6                 <member name="STATIC_BUILD" displayname="Build static binaries">
7                 </member>
8                 <member name="LOADABLE_MODULES" displayname="Runtime module loading">
9                         <defaultenabled>yes</defaultenabled>
10                 </member>
11                 <member name="DEBUG_FD_LEAKS" displayname="Enable File Descriptor Leak Detection">
12                 </member>
13                 <member name="LOW_MEMORY" displayname="Optimize for Low Memory Usage">
14                 </member>
15                 <member name="USE_HOARD_ALLOCATOR" displayname="Use the Hoard Memory Allocator instead of the default system one">
16                         <defaultenabled>no</defaultenabled>
17                         <depend>hoard</depend>
18                 </member>
19                 <member name="LOTS_OF_SPANS" displayname="More than 32 DAHDI spans">
20                 </member>
21                 <member name="RADIO_RELAX" displayname="Relax DTMF for Radio Applications">
22                 </member>
23                 <member name="G711_NEW_ALGORITHM" displayname="Use the NEW ulaw/alaw codecs (slower, but cleaner)">
24                         <defaultenabled>no</defaultenabled>
25                 </member>
26                 <member name="G711_REDUCED_BRANCHING" displayname="New ulaw/alaw codec, reduced branching (might help it run faster in some architectures)">
27                         <depend>G711_NEW_ALGORITHM</depend>
28                 </member>
29                 <member name="TEST_CODING_TABLES" displayname="New ulaw/alaw codec, turn on table tests on init">
30                         <depend>G711_NEW_ALGORITHM</depend>
31                 </member>
32                 <member name="TEST_TANDEM_TRANSCODING" displayname="New ulaw/alaw codec, turn on transcoding tests on init">
33                         <depend>G711_NEW_ALGORITHM</depend>
34                 </member>
35                 <member name="MALLOC_DEBUG" displayname="Keep Track of Memory Allocations">
36                 </member>
37                 <member name="BUSYDETECT_TONEONLY" displayname="Enable additional comparision of only the tone duration not the silence part">
38                         <conflict>BUSYDETECT_COMPARE_TONE_AND_SILENCE</conflict>
39                         <defaultenabled>no</defaultenabled>
40                 </member>
41                 <member name="BUSYDETECT_COMPARE_TONE_AND_SILENCE" displayname="Assume that tone and silence have the same duration">
42                         <conflict>BUSYDETECT_TONEONLY</conflict>
43                         <defaultenabled>no</defaultenabled>
44                 </member>
45                 <member name="BUSYDETECT_DEBUG" displayname="Enable additional busy detection debugging">
46                         <defaultenabled>no</defaultenabled>
47                 </member>
48                 <member name="IAX_OLD_FIND" displayname="Use the old, slow method of searching for IAX callnos">
49                 </member>
50                 <member name="INTEGER_CALLERID" displayname="Use the (less accurate) integer-based method for decoding FSK tones (for embedded systems)">
51                 </member>
52         </category>