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  r294740 | russell | 2010-11-11 16:13:38 -0600 (Thu, 11 Nov 2010) | 11 lines

  Remove most of the contents of the doc dir in favor of the wiki content.

  This merge does the following things:

   * Removes most of the contents from the doc/ directory in favor
     of the wiki -

   * Updates the build_tools/prep_tarball script to know how to export
     the contents of the wiki in both PDF and plain text formats so that
     the documentation is still included in Asterisk release tarballs.

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94 files changed:
doc/CODING-GUIDELINES [deleted file]
doc/HOWTO_collect_debug_information.txt [deleted file]
doc/India-CID.txt [deleted file]
doc/PEERING [deleted file]
doc/README.txt [new file with mode: 0644]
doc/advice_of_charge.txt [deleted file]
doc/asterisk-mib.txt [deleted file]
doc/backtrace.txt [deleted file]
doc/building_queues.txt [deleted file]
doc/callfiles.txt [deleted file]
doc/chan_sip-perf-testing.txt [deleted file]
doc/cli.txt [deleted file]
doc/codec-64bit.txt [deleted file]
doc/database_transactions.txt [deleted file]
doc/datastores.txt [deleted file]
doc/digium-mib.txt [deleted file]
doc/distributed_devstate-XMPP.txt [deleted file]
doc/distributed_devstate.txt [deleted file]
doc/externalivr.txt [deleted file]
doc/followme.txt [deleted file]
doc/google-soc2009-ideas.txt [deleted file]
doc/hoard.txt [deleted file]
doc/jabber.txt [deleted file]
doc/janitor-projects.txt [deleted file]
doc/jingle.txt [deleted file]
doc/ldap.txt [deleted file]
doc/macroexclusive.txt [deleted file]
doc/manager_1_1.txt [deleted file]
doc/modules.txt [deleted file]
doc/osp.txt [deleted file]
doc/queue.txt [deleted file]
doc/realtimetext.txt [deleted file]
doc/res_config_sqlite.txt [deleted file]
doc/rtp-packetization.txt [deleted file]
doc/sip-retransmit.txt [deleted file]
doc/siptls.txt [deleted file]
doc/smdi.txt [deleted file]
doc/sms.txt [deleted file]
doc/snmp.txt [deleted file]
doc/speechrec.txt [deleted file]
doc/ss7.txt [deleted file]
doc/tex/Makefile [deleted file]
doc/tex/README.txt [deleted file]
doc/tex/ael.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/ajam.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/app-sms.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/asterisk-conf.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/asterisk.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/backtrace.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/billing.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/calendaring.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/ccss.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/cdrdriver.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/cel-doc.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/celdriver.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/chan-mobile.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/chaniax.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/channelvariables.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/cliprompt.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/configuration.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/dundi.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/enum.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/extensions.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/freetds.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/hardware.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/ices.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/imapstorage.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/jitterbuffer.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/localchannel.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/manager.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/misdn.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/mp3.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/odbcstorage.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/partymanip.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/phoneprov.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/plc.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/privacy.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/qos.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/queuelog.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/queues-with-callback-members.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/realtime.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/secure-calls.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/security-events.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/security.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/sla.tex [deleted file]
doc/tex/sounds.tex [deleted file]
doc/timing.txt [deleted file]
doc/unistim.txt [deleted file]
doc/valgrind.txt [deleted file]
doc/video.txt [deleted file]
doc/video_console.txt [deleted file]
doc/voicemail_odbc_postgresql.txt [deleted file]