Change strlen calls to ast_strlen_zero in voicemail checking stuff because it is...
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / app.c
2004-05-03 James GolovichChange strlen calls to ast_strlen_zero in voicemail...
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerGet rid of all that old needlock garbage now that we...
2004-03-27 Mark SpencerMake read/write mode have a lock parameter and use...
2003-06-11 Mark SpencerUse digit/response timeouts
2003-05-25 Mark SpencerFix searching for non-default mailboxes
2003-05-10 Mark SpencerMake voicemail segmentable into multiple contexts
2003-03-26 Mark SpencerFix silly typo
2003-03-26 Mark SpencerMake SIP message notify send detail MWI info
2003-02-24 Matteo BrancaleoniMon Feb 24 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-02-23 Matteo BrancaleoniSun Feb 23 07:00:00 CET 2003
2003-01-30 Mark SpencerVersion 0.3.0 from FTP
2001-08-05 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.9 from FTP