help text cleanups (bug #4072, with mods)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / apps / app_dial.c
2005-04-27 Kevin P. Fleminghelp text cleanups (bug #4072, with mods)
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse double-quotes instead of angle-brackets for non...
2005-04-15 Mark SpencerAdd 'n' option to dial for "nojump" (bug #4034)
2005-04-13 Russell Bryantjust formatting
2005-04-11 Mark SpencerAdd calling party DTMF (bug #3994)
2005-04-09 Mark SpencerForward text frames before answer (bug #3717)
2005-04-01 Matthew FredricksonMerging in xylome's beaerer capabilty patch (bug 3547)
2005-03-17 Mark SpencerAdd 'G' option to dial (bug #3786)
2005-02-28 Mark SpencerFix queue URL passing (bug #3543)
2005-02-26 Mark SpencerFix SetVar (bug #3668) and g + transfer (#3650)
2005-02-11 Mark SpencerCopy/paste errors (bug #3559, #3560)
2005-02-09 Mark SpencerFix typos in app_dial (bug #3536)
2005-02-07 Mark SpencerAdd "Dial" event to link callerid, src and destination...
2005-02-03 Mark SpencerOops (first one of these in a while)
2005-02-03 Mark SpencerREname 'p' option to 'o' (bug #3490)
2005-02-02 Mark SpencerAdd new 'p' flag to Dial for preserve callerid (bug...
2005-02-01 Mark SpencerAllow hints to have names (bug #3471)
2005-01-30 Mark SpencerFix 'g' flag (bug #3465)
2005-01-27 Mark SpencerSet dialed peer number properly when ringing multiple...
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2005-01-20 Mark SpencerFix typos (bug #3381)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerFix small app_dial issue (bug #3368)
2005-01-18 Mark SpencerMerge anthm's RetryDial with changes (bug #3313)
2005-01-17 Mark SpencerMerge hold patch (bug #1840)
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerGive outbound channels callerid of their extension...
2005-01-12 Anthony Minessale IIfix bug 3329 (monitor flags)
2005-01-10 Mark SpencerMore flagification, courtesy drumkilla (bug #3280)
2005-01-08 Mark SpencerMake queue support channel variable inheritance (bug...
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerFix typo for blind transfer (bug #3259)
2005-01-06 Mark SpencerMore flag on dial tweaks (bug #3254, take two)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMore flagification (bug #3254)
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge Tony's attended # transfer with changes (bug...
2005-01-05 Mark SpencerMerge OSP updates from matt nicholson (with changes)
2005-01-04 Mark SpencerMake features configurable and easier to implement
2004-12-30 Mark SpencerAllow moh class to be specified (bug #3199)
2004-12-28 Mark SpencerSet normal clearing for answered calls (bug #3165)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge Olle's comment patch (bug #3097)
2004-12-16 Mark SpencerMerge russell's flag macro patch (with slight mods...
2004-12-12 Mark Spencerfix DIALSTATUS issue (bug #2989)
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerAdd missing free's in rare circumstances (bug #2985)
2004-11-28 Mark SpencerImplement max # of forwards (bug #2942, different strategy)
2004-11-22 Mark SpencerLittle dial typo fix and make WaitExten continue if...
2004-11-22 Mark SpencerAdd improved macro functionality (bug #2905)
2004-11-21 Mark SpencerLittle fixups for busy
2004-11-21 Mark SpencerOops
2004-11-21 Mark SpencerDisplay cause code for failure to get channel
2004-11-07 Mark SpencerAdd OUTBOUND_GROUP support (bug #2530)
2004-11-03 Mark SpencerPass through flash hook
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-11-01 Mark SpencerMake channel variables inheritable by _ (bug #928)
2004-10-31 Mark SpencerPass redirecting number on PRI calls (bug #2763)
2004-10-28 Mark SpencerOops
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-07 Mark SpencerDo not send progress when "ringing" only flag is set...
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerMove populate TNS/Presentation/TON from calling channel
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-09-22 Mark SpencerHandle arbitrary long dial sequences (like what we...
2004-09-10 Matthew Fredricksonmacro support in the dial command
2004-08-27 Mark SpencerWhen detecting a hairpin, redirect to the appropriate...
2004-07-28 Mark SpencerMerge alternate hangup and meetme patches from Matt N.
2004-07-22 Mark SpencerCopy account code and flags form incoming to outgoing...
2004-07-20 Mark SpencerMake '*' count as cancel (bug #2098)
2004-07-19 Mark SpencerUpdate dial documentation (bug #2096)
2004-07-17 Mark Spencerrename "parking" to "features" in preparation for some...
2004-07-14 Mark SpencerMerge rgagnon's pedantic string checks (apps a-m, bug...
2004-07-14 Mark SpencerPublish DIALEDTIME and ANSWEREDTIME in case people...
2004-07-12 Mark SpencerFirst pass at properly handling account codes in forwarding
2004-07-08 Mark SpencerMake ringing clearer
2004-07-07 Mark SpencerCleanups to the ordering of events in dial, don't freak...
2004-06-25 Mark SpencerAdd outgoing OSP support (SIP only at this point)
2004-06-23 Mark SpencerSet ${DIALSTATUS} from app_dial, make zap return BUSY...
2004-06-22 James GolovichRemove pthread.h from source. We should be using aster...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMerge major BSD mutex and symbol conflict patches ...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMake sure outgoing is not NULL
2004-06-21 Mark SpencerDon't stop moh until after announcement finishes (bug...
2004-06-21 Mark SpencerFix app_dial buglet
2004-06-21 Anthony Minessale III don't know what this last update was for but app_dial...
2004-06-21 Mark SpencerAdd promiscuous redirect option
2004-06-20 James GolovichTypo in comment in app_dial.c
2004-06-14 Mark SpencerMerge Matt's work
2004-06-06 Anthony Minessale IIfix D() issue with to short of a duration
2004-05-22 Mark SpencerCopy hangup cause at end of a good call
2004-05-20 Mark SpencerMerge Mike's announcement enhancements
2004-05-18 James GolovichClarify app_dial documentation regarding transfers
2004-05-07 James GolovichCode cleanup
2004-05-07 Anthony Minessale IICreated API call ast_dtmf_stream
2004-05-04 Mark Spencerstrlen fixes and don't destroy SIP channels that still...
2004-04-27 Anthony Minessale IIBug Fix
2004-04-26 Anthony Minessale IIapplied final release of bug 1353 per Mark's permission
2004-04-02 James GolovichMake app_dial complain if the timeout passed is non...
2004-03-19 Mark SpencerRemember when we started/stopped ringing so that ringin...
2004-03-18 Mark SpencerMake RDNIS really work right
2004-03-18 Mark SpencerPopulate RDNIS information
2004-03-06 Mark SpencerAdd absolute timeout option to dial that applies when...
2004-02-27 James GolovichCheck result of malloc in app_dial.c
2004-02-22 James GolovichFix another typo in the app_dial description
2004-02-15 James GolovichSpelling error in app_dial.c
2004-01-15 Martin PyckoA little adjustment to the previous one (passing the...
2004-01-15 Martin PyckoPass the callerid & ani to the new b-leg if the current...
2004-01-15 Mark SpencerX out announce stuff (bug #760)