Add persistent dynamic queue member support (bug #2929)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / apps / app_queue.c
2004-12-06 Mark SpencerAdd persistent dynamic queue member support (bug #2929)
2004-11-20 Mark SpencerFix app_queue when working in conjunction with anthm...
2004-11-16 Mark SpencerUpdate has_no_members to know about device status codes...
2004-11-15 Mark SpencerGenerate new QueueMemberAdded and QueueMemberRemoved...
2004-11-13 Mark SpencerBig agent / queue fixes
2004-11-09 Mark SpencerShow status of agents...
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-05 Mark SpencerMajor changes to res_config to support centralized...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerMerge member delay patch (bug #2563)
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd reporting of actual hold time (bug #2564)
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-09-29 Mark SpencerFix little "less than" issue
2004-09-28 Russell Bryantadd ability to purge callers from queue if no agents...
2004-09-25 Mark SpencerMake holdtime announcement say "less than 2 minutes...
2004-09-10 Mark SpencerProperly lock management stuff (bug #2406)
2004-09-02 Mark SpencerFix minor typo (bug #2343)
2004-07-30 Malcolm DavenportBug # 2171: Add permission to QueueAdd and QueueRemove...
2004-07-28 Mark SpencerMerge alternate hangup and meetme patches from Matt N.
2004-07-28 Mark SpencerUnify queue add/remove from manager and CLI (bug #2125...
2004-07-27 Mark SpencerAllow optional event whenever an agent is called from...
2004-07-24 Mark SpencerCreate option for joining empty queue (bug #2126)
2004-07-17 Mark Spencerrename "parking" to "features" in preparation for some...
2004-07-14 Mark SpencerMerge rgagnon's pedantic string changes (apps n-z)...
2004-06-28 Mark SpencerMerge seconds announcement for queue hold time (bug...
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerImplement queue wide wrapuptime (bug #1707)
2004-06-23 Mark SpencerMerge in-access updates for queue priorities (bug ...
2004-06-22 James GolovichRemove pthread.h from source. We should be using aster...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMerge major BSD mutex and symbol conflict patches ...
2004-06-19 Mark SpencerAllow penalty argument to AddQueueMember
2004-06-13 James GolovichUse ast_strlen_zero instead of &id in app_queue.c ...
2004-06-09 Mark SpencerMerge FreeBSD locking fixes (bug #1411)
2004-05-31 Mark SpencerOnly call the update once
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerUpdate queue member after end of call (bug #1727)
2004-05-30 Mark SpencerTake member as argument, not lpeer
2004-05-25 Mark SpencerFix record option to take from the right channel
2004-05-19 Mark SpencerMerge small bkw_ queue enhancements
2004-05-18 Mark SpencerFlesh out remaining "rrmemory" logic
2004-05-18 Mark SpencerAdd Round-Robin w/ Memory queueing strategy (rrmemory)
2004-05-09 Mark SpencerMerge Connor's ringback feature for queue (bug #1560)
2004-05-09 James GolovichMore ast_strlen_zero changes
2004-04-29 Mark SpencerAdd support for French, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish...
2004-04-26 Anthony Minessale IIapplied final release of bug 1353 per Mark's permission
2004-04-26 James GolovichMake RemoveQueueMember and AddQueueMember jump to prior...
2004-04-10 Mark SpencerDon't hang up if the file is missing (not a bug, but...
2004-04-08 Mark SpencerTurn off MOH later rather than sooner.
2004-03-30 Malcolm DavenportFix the 'n' option of app_queue. Thanks Mike
2004-03-23 Mark SpencerImprove verbose messages
2004-03-13 Mark SpencerMerge queue changes from Bug #214
2004-03-03 James GolovichUnregister apps in app_queue.c on unload_module
2004-02-27 James GolovichTypo in app_queue.c
2004-02-27 James GolovichGet rid of compiler warnings when calling ast_queue_log
2004-02-23 James GolovichFixed gramatical error in app_queue.c (bug #1083)
2004-02-12 Mark SpencerAdd queue logging and fix indications buglet
2004-02-04 Martin PyckoFix the deadlock in show queue <queue_name>
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoRemove unused tmpq variable
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoAdd "show queue <queue_name>" CLI command
2004-02-03 Martin PyckoMake the go_on be non-global.
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerVarious minor cleanups (bug #931)
2003-11-19 Martin PyckoAdd 'n' option to Queue application to fall through...
2003-11-08 Mark SpencerTrustingly add Thorston's deadlock patch
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix various compiler warnings (bug #322)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix printf to match int type (bug #247)
2003-09-10 Mark SpencerFix small logic errors (bug #242)
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerBSD portability enhancements (bug #234)
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerFirst of Jayson's manager patches
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerHandle timing file descriptor properly with agents
2003-08-21 Mark SpencerLittle queue fix (bug #150)
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerPick the right point for rebuilding the list
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd same magic to remove from queue
2003-08-16 Mark SpencerTrim post dash portion of name if unspecified
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerAsterisk:
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerDo the right thing with ringall queues with entries...
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerFix round robin scheduling
2003-08-02 Mark SpencerImplement remaining queue strategies, ADSI fixes, and...
2003-08-01 Martin PyckoAllow to enter one digit extensions before the call...
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerAdd alternate queueing strategies. Implment ringall...
2003-07-28 Mark SpencerAdd wrapup time
2003-07-27 Mark SpencerStart on queueing strategies
2003-07-12 Mark SpencerAdd missing space
2003-07-08 Mark SpencerClarify another area
2003-07-08 Mark SpencerFix potential seg in queue code
2003-07-08 Mark SpencerSimplify stack in call attempt
2003-07-04 Mark SpencerFix iax2 video/voice and update queueing
2003-07-02 Mark SpencerMerge 'T' and other dialing enhancements
2003-07-01 Mark SpencerTake out unnecessary dependency upon tonezone.h
2003-07-01 Mark SpencerFix race in local, update queue
2003-06-27 Mark SpencerMerge dynamic queue support
2003-06-24 Mark SpencerMinor cleanup
2003-06-24 Mark SpencerAdd count to management event
2003-06-23 Mark SpencerNest event inside if statement
2003-06-14 Mark SpencerFix music on hold on park
2003-06-13 Mark SpencerFix transfer to parking
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerMore locking fixes
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerFree queue config (thanks James)
2003-03-20 Mark SpencerMerge some of Mahmut's patches
2002-12-11 Mark SpencerVersion 0.3.0 from FTP
2002-09-02 Mark SpencerVersion 0.2.0 from FTP