Properly deal with E.164 and Prefix routing
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_h323.c
2004-03-18 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with E.164 and Prefix routing
2004-03-15 James GolovichFixup some pthread_t checking in channels
2004-03-15 James GolovichFix bug 1217. Change pthread_t initializers to AST_PTH...
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaradeal with bindaddr properly
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaralast try
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarabed time
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarah.323 gk cycle is still broken on -r
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamararenable h.323 gk cycle, fixed
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix it so we can be unloaded/loaded at will
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaradon't try to print out username before its copied
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and remove unnecessary debug
2004-01-10 Jeremy McNamararemove broken cli command, for now
2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaradon't try to unreg with gk, on reload, now
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamarare-do the monitor fix (check for io before killing...
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamaraadd a couple cli commands (h.323 hangup <token> and...
2004-01-03 Jeremy McNamaraclean up file descriptor leak and check for io before...
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamaratotally revert that highly broken patch. Please test...
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamaracomment out two lines from PCadach's patch, they blow...
2003-12-23 Jeremy McNamaraApply massive patch from PCadach. If things are broken...
2003-12-19 Jeremy McNamaraclean up output on debug
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamaradon't create another endpoint on a reload
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamararemove debug and switch printf's out
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamaradon't complain on type=h323 itself :)
2003-12-10 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg if no config file
2003-12-09 Jeremy McNamaraimplement userbyalias. This will look to IP instead...
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraadd warning for keywords in type=h323 that make no...
2003-10-21 Thorsten lockertmake chan_h323 not load if no config file is found
2003-09-29 Jeremy McNamararemove old debug
2003-09-29 Jeremy McNamaratry to enable indications
2003-09-27 Jeremy McNamaraanonyance fix, per tholo
2003-09-24 Jeremy McNamaradon't deal with gatekeeper on reload, known issue....
2003-09-22 Jeremy McNamararollback transfer support...not properly implemented
2003-09-06 Jeremy McNamaraimplement transfer and call forwarding. Bug #221
2003-08-25 Jeremy McNamaradisable native bridging
2003-08-16 Jeremy McNamaraAdd H323 to normal build process