Fix PGSQL voicemail issues (bug #625) and fix reload races in iax2
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_iax2.c
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerFix PGSQL voicemail issues (bug #625) and fix reload...
2003-12-04 Mark SpencerAdd auth debug option
2003-12-03 Mark SpencerDon't don't show verbose 3 message when verbose not set
2003-11-17 Martin PyckoWe have to hangup the bridge not continue on AbsoluteTi...
2003-11-17 Martin PyckoFix the AbsoluteTimeout issue with IAX/IAX2 when in...
2003-11-15 Mark SpencerAdd date/time to IAX2 register
2003-11-14 Mark SpencerDon't try to expire if there is no expirey
2003-11-13 Mark SpencerDon't reconnect db on reload unless there was a failure
2003-11-13 Mark SpencerUpdate so that "users" are implemented as well
2003-11-13 Mark SpencerStart on mysql_user, move to misery
2003-11-12 Mark SpencerPreliminary support for iax2 friends in mysql database
2003-11-04 Mark SpencerRemove really broke MP3 stuff in favor of G.726 in...
2003-10-06 Mark SpencerFix typo in CVS
2003-10-06 Mark SpencerDetect 100 as valid DTMF too
2003-10-04 Mark SpencerSet acknowledged seqno to 0 on transfer
2003-10-04 Mark SpencerDon't assume we acked when handling transfer
2003-10-01 Mark SpencerUpdate IAX2 parser for sending caller info
2003-09-30 Mark SpencerMinor IAX enhancments to support MusicOnHold
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerBSD portability enhancements (bug #234)
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerRe-poke all peers on a reload (bug #216)
2003-09-02 Mark SpencerAllow codecs to be specified on a per-peer and per...
2003-09-01 Mark SpencerSend "PROGRESS" when DIAL is accepted
2003-09-01 Jeremy McNamarafix seg fault due to the use of wrong pointer
2003-09-01 Mark SpencerUnlock our lock while we try to find the extension
2003-08-30 Mark SpencerIncrease minimum retry time
2003-08-30 Mark SpencerDon't send until we're up
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerMake SIP registration persistent (bug #159)
2003-08-24 Mark SpencerPersist IAX2 registrations across restarts
2003-08-16 Martin PyckoShow the names of the codecs instead of the numbers...
2003-08-14 Mark SpencerMake default behavior be to *not* use jitter buffer
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-08-09 Mark SpencerUse stored secret if available, properly
2003-07-29 Mark SpencerHandle speex under most circumstances
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerAdd "registered" option to iax2 show peers
2003-07-16 Mark SpencerDon't native bridge when we can't
2003-07-09 Mark SpencerTimestamp fixes
2003-07-07 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-07-04 Mark SpencerFix iax2 video/voice and update queueing
2003-06-30 Mark SpencerStart on video mode for meetme, change symantics of...
2003-06-30 Mark SpencerAdd video support to IAX2 (theoretically)
2003-06-12 Mark SpencerAdd SRV code to SIP, cleanup ENUM and make IAX2 do...
2003-05-22 Mark SpencerFix another deadlock in IAX2
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerMore locking fixes
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerSuggested IAX and IAX2 bugfixes
2003-05-14 Mark SpencerAdd transfer to IAX2, and transfer application
2003-05-13 Mark SpencerResolve lock between peer/call
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerUse zaptel timers to wake up processes
2003-05-07 Mark SpencerRemove useless statement
2003-05-07 Martin PyckoAdd notransfer for IAX2 to disable native bridging...
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerUse iax/iax2 regfunk names
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore contributed BSD enhancements
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerFix TOS stuff for BSD
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMore OpenBSD changes
2003-04-19 Mark SpencerRemove old printf
2003-04-19 Mark SpencerIAX2 updates, dial fix
2003-04-17 Mark SpencerFix transmissions
2003-04-16 Mark SpencerDetect frame length of G.729A
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerAdd iLBC codec
2003-04-08 Mark SpencerMake all address comparisons explicit
2003-04-01 Martin PyckoFix "typo" with authorization
2003-03-21 Mark SpencerSelect proper trunk mode on incoming calls based upon...
2003-03-21 Mark SpencerFix trunking for fixed addresses
2003-03-20 Mark SpencerAutodetect if zaptel is recent enough
2003-03-20 Mark SpencerUse new timer interface for timing iax2
2003-03-20 Mark SpencerAdd transfer ID for potential use in more complex NAT...
2003-03-18 Matteo BrancaleoniTue Mar 18 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-17 Matteo Brancaleonilun mar 17 19:11:15 CET 2003
2003-03-17 Matteo BrancaleoniMon Mar 17 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-16 Matteo Brancaleonidom mar 16 23:37:23 CET 2003
2003-03-16 Matteo BrancaleoniSun Mar 16 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-14 Matteo BrancaleoniFri Mar 14 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-13 Matteo Brancaleonigio mar 13 16:44:17 CET 2003
2003-03-13 Matteo BrancaleoniThu Mar 13 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-12 Matteo BrancaleoniWed Mar 12 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-11 Matteo BrancaleoniTue Mar 11 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-09 Matteo BrancaleoniSun Mar 9 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-03 Matteo BrancaleoniMon Mar 3 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-02 Matteo Brancaleonidom mar 2 20:52:10 CET 2003