Fix MGCP seg (bug #2572)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_mgcp.c
2004-10-05 Mark SpencerFix MGCP seg (bug #2572)
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd ability to check voicemail from multiple folders...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerMajor PBX revamps (including labels, update examples)
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-09-24 Mark SpencerIf no RTP stream is up, always request digits (bug...
2004-09-17 Mark SpencerIf singlepath=yes, don't send multiple RTP streams...
2004-09-13 Mark SpencerFix star 80 to star 60 (bug #2247)
2004-08-26 Mark SpencerRepair offer/answer model (bug #2293), initial CNG...
2004-08-13 Mark SpencerDon't request tones when in-band DTMF mode is enabled...
2004-08-12 Mark SpencerSpecify D/ package in mgcp send digit routine (first...
2004-08-08 Mark SpencerMerge BSD stack size work (bug #2067)
2004-08-05 Mark SpencerFix little MGCP buglet with the wildcard endpoint ...
2004-08-03 Mark SpencerDon't offer codecs not allowed on a reinvite
2004-08-03 Mark SpencerPlane commits (a.k.a. the Delta deltas): 1) Make muted...
2004-08-02 Mark SpencerCreate initial framework for single channel support
2004-08-01 Mark SpencerDon't reload subchannels of wild card endpoint on reload.
2004-08-01 Mark SpencerMake sure it's really a dotted IP (bug #2198)
2004-08-01 Mark SpencerFix reload with wildcard endpoint
2004-07-30 Malcolm DavenportBug # 2181: Support the PING event in MGCP.
2004-07-26 Mark SpencerWork properly on a reload
2004-07-26 Mark SpencerTurn off DTMF generally in MGCP and make option to...
2004-07-25 Mark SpencerCreate one generally useful runtime option and one...
2004-07-17 Mark Spencerrename "parking" to "features" in preparation for some...
2004-07-16 Mark SpencerRe-listen after MGCP reload (bug #2061)
2004-07-16 Mark SpencerLast set of strncpy/snprintf updates (bug #2049)
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerUse INET_ADDRLEN (bug #1956) (from airport!)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerCreate reentrant ast_inet_ntoa and replace all inet_nto...
2004-06-22 James GolovichRemove pthread.h from source. We should be using aster...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMerge major BSD mutex and symbol conflict patches ...
2004-06-09 Mark SpencerMerge FreeBSD locking fixes (bug #1411)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMake RTP handle codecs (first pass)
2004-05-24 Mark SpencerFix small typo
2004-05-21 Mark SpencerFirst pass at handling responses properly for retransmi...
2004-05-20 Mark SpencerMake ast_channel_walk become ast_channel_walk_locked
2004-05-09 James GolovichAdd new file utils.c, Move ast_gethostbyname to utils.c
2004-04-28 Mark SpencerFix deadlock in IAX2 trunking, small MGCP fix
2004-04-27 Mark SpencerImprove responsiveness of MGCP during a reload (bug...
2004-04-26 Mark SpencerMerge JS's Cisco MGCP fixes (Bug #693)
2004-04-22 Mark Spencergethostbyname isn't reentrant, who knew...
2004-04-08 James GolovichRemove more needlock stuff
2004-04-07 James GolovichRemove extra argument from ast_set_*_format calls
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerGet rid of all that old needlock garbage now that we...
2004-03-27 Mark SpencerMerge more Sentito contributions (thanks serkan)
2004-03-27 James GolovichMore read/write lock fixes in various modules
2004-03-27 Mark SpencerMake read/write mode have a lock parameter and use...
2004-03-19 Mark SpencerMajor MGCP enhancements (*very* big thank you to serkan...
2004-03-15 James GolovichFixup some pthread_t checking in channels
2004-03-15 James GolovichFix bug 1217. Change pthread_t initializers to AST_PTH...
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerNetBSD portability enhancements (bug #969)
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerUse better flags when starting MGCP threads (bug #598)
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarafix monitor thread issue, even though commented out
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor mgcp debuggin changes, sip deadlock improvement
2003-12-05 Mark SpencerDon't use dynamic mode when scanning all gateways
2003-09-08 Mark SpencerBSD portability enhancements (bug #234)
2003-08-19 Mark SpencerAdd canreinvite option and minor tweak to bridging...
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-08-02 Jeremy McNamaracopy just the ip address over to __ourip
2003-07-30 Mark SpencerFix TOS bit in SIP when verbose < 2, add support for...
2003-06-29 Mark SpencerAccept MGCP keepalive
2003-06-28 Mark SpencerAdd SIP/RTP video support, video enable app_echo, start...
2003-06-27 Mark SpencerMinor cleanups
2003-05-07 Mark SpencerRemove "contributed" swear words
2003-05-06 Mark SpencerMerge Karl's MGCP call feature list
2003-05-04 Mark SpencerMerge tilghman's updates for getourip
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore contributed BSD enhancements
2003-04-14 Mark SpencerTrim down gateway names with []'s in them
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerAdd MGCP audit
2003-03-31 Mark SpencerEliminate localtime calls, various cleanups
2003-03-24 Mark SpencerMore specifics in MGCP
2003-03-24 Mark SpencerMGCP updates to try to improve CID delivery
2003-03-19 Mark SpencerOn RSIP, send RQNT
2003-03-16 Matteo Brancaleonidom mar 16 23:37:23 CET 2003
2003-03-15 Matteo BrancaleoniSat Mar 15 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-13 Matteo Brancaleonigio mar 13 16:44:17 CET 2003
2003-03-13 Matteo BrancaleoniThu Mar 13 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-12 Matteo BrancaleoniWed Mar 12 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-10 Matteo Brancaleonilun mar 10 21:39:02 CET 2003
2003-03-09 Matteo BrancaleoniSun Mar 9 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-03-07 Matteo BrancaleoniFri Mar 7 07:00:00 CET 2003
2003-02-16 Matteo BrancaleoniSun Feb 16 07:00:01 CET 2003
2003-02-12 Matteo Brancaleonimer feb 12 14:56:57 CET 2003
2002-12-29 Mark SpencerVersion 0.3.0 from FTP