Make menuselect be able to show what the modules are
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_oss.c
2006-05-09 Mark SpencerMake menuselect be able to show what the modules are
2006-04-30 Kevin P. Fleminguse proper method of detecting OSS support on Linux...
2006-04-24 Kevin P. FlemingThanks to the fine work of Russell Bryant and Dancho...
2006-04-14 Luigi RizzoThis rather large commit changes the way modules are...
2006-04-08 Kevin P. Flemingsince the module API is changing, it's a good time...
2006-03-30 Luigi Rizzodon't use 8000, use DEFAULT_SAMPLE_RATE
2006-03-28 Luigi Rizzoanother batch of cli simplifications
2006-03-28 Luigi Rizzofix documentation
2006-02-10 Matthew FredricksonAdd boost gain option to microphone, also minor bug...
2006-02-08 Matt O'GormanMerged revisions 9232 via svnmerge from
2006-02-01 Kevin P. Fleminguse string fields for some stuff in ast_channel
2006-01-18 Russell Bryantconstify arguments in more places where strings should...
2006-01-11 Russell Bryantconvert some channels to use the memory allocation...
2005-12-30 Russell Bryantupdate doxygen docs to specify authors
2005-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingremove extraneous svn:executable properties
2005-11-21 Russell Bryantissue #5800
2005-11-12 Russell Bryantfix a lil' typo
2005-11-06 Russell Bryantissue #5605
2005-11-06 Mark SpencerFix chan_oss buglets (bug #5618)
2005-10-27 Russell BryantRemove unnecessary checks before calls to ast_strlen_ze...
2005-10-24 Russell BryantDoxygen documentation update from oej (issue #5505)
2005-10-16 Mark SpencerMake alsa/oss ignore VIDUPDATE control frames
2005-09-27 Mark SpencerFix "console" help (thanks to Andy Dvorak)
2005-09-14 Kevin P. Flemingupdate MANY more files with proper copyright/license...
2005-08-05 Mark SpencerFix newline issue (bug #4632)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerFix documentation of overridecontext (bug #4379)
2005-08-03 Mark SpencerMove to rizzo's new chan_oss, but leave the old one...
2005-07-10 Russell Bryantdefine an AST_MAX_CONTEXT for use instead of AST_MAX_EX...
2005-06-24 Kevin P. Flemingdon't use locks when reading usecounts (reading only...
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Flemingmore file version tags
2005-06-06 Kevin P. Fleminganother round of version tag updates, along with 'show...
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Flemingfix various compiler warnings
2005-04-21 Kevin P. Fleminguse double-quotes instead of angle-brackets for non...
2005-03-29 Mark SpencerSimplify endianness and fix for unaligned reads (bug...
2005-03-24 Mark SpencerFix OSS endian issues in OSS (bug #3846)
2005-03-24 Mark Spencerfix endianness of OSS/Alsa (bug #3839)
2005-03-04 Mark SpencerRework channel structure to eliminate "pvt" portion...
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerMerge config updates (bug #3406)
2005-01-21 Mark SpencerAdd optional one way playback (bug #3397)
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2004-12-26 Mark SpencerFix CLI to report "N/A" when appropriate for time,...
2004-12-23 Mark SpencerAdd "flash" capability to command line
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-23 Mark SpencerFirst pass at making transfer work within agent (not...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerMajor PBX revamps (including labels, update examples)
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-08-31 Mark SpencerMerge NetBSD and Courtesty tone with modifications...
2004-08-17 Mark SpencerFix minor typos (bug #2260)
2004-08-12 Mark SpencerFix duplex code for FreeBSD
2004-08-08 Mark SpencerMerge BSD stack size work (bug #2067)
2004-07-16 Mark SpencerLast set of strncpy/snprintf updates (bug #2049)
2004-06-24 Mark SpencerMake sure other drivers also zero delivery (thanks...
2004-06-09 Mark SpencerMerge FreeBSD locking fixes (bug #1411)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMerge OSS fixes for FreeBSD, implement rtptimeout and...
2004-05-02 Mark SpencerLet OSS know how to deal with indication -1
2004-04-07 Mark SpencerFix compile warning
2004-04-07 Mark Spencerfix chan_oss for revised queue structure.
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2003-10-22 Mark SpencerMake getaddrfor work with openbsd (bug #415)
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerFreeBSD patch, take 2
2003-10-16 Martin PyckoRevert the previous patch since it's braking compilation
2003-10-16 Mark SpencerSane FreeBSD patch
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore contributed BSD enhancements
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore BSD enhancements
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerMore include fixes
2003-04-12 Mark SpencerFix ALSA/OSS leak
2003-03-02 Matteo Brancaleonidom mar 2 20:52:10 CET 2003
2003-03-02 Matteo Brancaleonidom mar 2 01:10:37 CET 2003
2002-12-30 Mark SpencerVersion 0.3.0 from FTP
2002-08-28 Mark SpencerVersion 0.2.0 from FTP
2002-05-30 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.12 from FTP
2002-01-13 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.11 from FTP
2001-10-18 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.10 from FTP
2001-08-23 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.9 from FTP
2001-05-03 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.8 from FTP
2001-03-30 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.7 from FTP
2000-03-26 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.3 from FTP
2000-01-06 Mark SpencerVersion 0.1.2 from FTP