Allow expiration of several messages to be non-fatal.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_sip.c
2004-03-24 Mark SpencerAllow expiration of several messages to be non-fatal.
2004-03-23 Mark SpencerIt's okay to send RINGING > 1 time, and don't try to...
2004-03-23 Mark SpencerMinor SIP cleanups for valgrind, finally close the...
2004-03-21 Mark SpencerFix mysql friends by type
2004-03-21 Mark SpencerDon't reconstruct authentication information on retrans...
2004-03-19 Mark SpencerFavor requested codec whenever possible (pass #1)
2004-03-19 Mark SpencerPopulate DNID for SIP
2004-03-16 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1116. CallerID number not hidden when RestrictCI...
2004-03-15 James GolovichFixup some pthread_t checking in channels
2004-03-15 James GolovichFix bug 1217. Change pthread_t initializers to AST_PTH...
2004-03-15 Malcolm DavenportBug #1213. Fix for improperly specified Content-Length...
2004-03-14 Mark SpencerTurn off silence suppression in SDP
2004-03-09 James GolovichMake mess more informative if non-dynamic sip user...
2004-03-05 Mark SpencerExpand our definition of 3XX responses
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2004-03-02 Mark SpencerProcess SDP on 183 session progress (bug #930)
2004-03-01 Mark SpencerHandle video codecs properly
2004-02-25 Malcolm DavenportBug # 1052 Got it this time..I'm sure of it ;)
2004-02-24 Malcolm DavenportFix Bug # 935 and Bug # 1052
2004-02-20 Mark SpencerImprove SIP friends support (should address bugs #1063...
2004-02-19 James GolovichFix another spelling typo in chan_sip.c (bug #1059)
2004-02-19 James GolovichFix spelling typo in chan_sip.c (bug #1059)
2004-02-15 James GolovichFix typo in chan_sip.c (bug #1037)
2004-02-09 Mark SpencerFix memory leak with SIP friends (bug #1010)
2004-02-09 Mark SpencerProperly fully URL decode the REPLACES in SIP and also...
2004-02-07 Mark SpencerInsert blank after REFER (bug #997)
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerDon't get stuck in loop
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerForce SIP reload to happen in network thread only
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerFix small typos
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerCentralize all sip registration around a single lock
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerPerform proper locking on registration on SIP
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerRelease the call when freeing a registry
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerNetBSD portability enhancements (bug #969)
2004-02-01 Mark SpencerIf unregistered, don't consider it valid (bug #956)
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerDon't send VMWI when we're not registered
2004-01-26 Mark SpencerSend 481 if call leg does not exist on CANCEL, and...
2004-01-25 Mark SpencerProperly handle transfer of application (bug #911)
2004-01-23 Mark SpencerCreate individual sip reload command (bug #880)
2004-01-22 Mark SpencerMerge SIP/MySQL friends patch
2004-01-14 Jeremy McNamaraclean up output and print that we are unregistering...
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaracomment out getsipuri to stop compiler warning
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaravia z9hG4bK issue. Bug #663
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarafix copy/paste error
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraImplement NAT trick for outbound SIP connections
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamarafix typo. Bug #813
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up sip debug output. Bug #674
2004-01-12 Mark SpencerAdd new sound, fix nit picky detail in channel registration
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraunregister cli functions and fix monitor thread. Bug...
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraFix ast-db seeding. Bug #767
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraMore buffer overflow checks from Corydon76.
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaracheck buffer for possible overflow. Thanks Corydon76...
2004-01-10 Mark SpencerCleanup ACL parsing, handle properly reload on sip...
2004-01-09 Malcolm DavenportBug #765: Modifying Auto-Congestion to p->maxtime ...
2003-12-19 Mark SpencerSend date with invite
2003-12-19 Mark SpencerFix reload race in SIP
2003-12-13 Mark SpencerThe SIP motto is "There's More Than One Standard for...
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerDon't retransmit INVITE on 407 retransmission
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor sip fixes
2003-12-09 Mark SpencerMinor mgcp debuggin changes, sip deadlock improvement
2003-11-28 Mark SpencerProperly build Contact on INVITE when asking for authen...
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerTemporarily revert changes, prepare for proper fix...
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerAlways save the extension
2003-11-27 Mark SpencerBuild contact, don't copy it
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerHave a contact line in responses, merge logging patches
2003-11-26 Mark Spencerlimit fixes in SIP
2003-11-26 Mark SpencerUse global nat settings in auto peers
2003-11-25 Mark SpencerMinor 407 improvements
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerApply host access rules in SIP
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerIncrement session version each time we send a new SDP
2003-11-24 Mark SpencerAllow SIP/peer/exten like IAX
2003-11-21 Mark SpencerDelete on unregister (bug #527)
2003-11-15 Martin PyckoDon't do reinvite if both parties talk diffrent codecs
2003-11-14 Martin PyckoDo the last thing the right way (thanks Mark)
2003-11-14 Martin PyckoDon't allow to run SIPDtmfMode on other channels than...
2003-11-14 Martin PyckoA little oops ...
2003-11-13 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-11-13 Mark SpencerProperly decode strings in REPLACES and ignore leading...
2003-11-12 Martin PyckoFix SIP_CODEC support
2003-11-12 Mark SpencerDon't reinvite if we got a refer
2003-11-11 Mark SpencerAdd ${SIPDOMAIN} and "dynamic peer" mode
2003-11-10 Mark SpencerIf somehow we don't have an answer, set need to destroy...
2003-11-10 Mark SpencerHandle 401 for INVITE as well (should we add support...
2003-11-04 Mark SpencerRemove really broke MP3 stuff in favor of G.726 in...
2003-11-04 Martin PyckoMake SIP_CODEC warn about not supported/not configured...
2003-10-31 Martin PyckoAdd externip keyword so that it's possible to use aster...
2003-10-25 Mark SpencerFix *8# magically (bug #116)
2003-10-24 Mark SpencerCheck that there really is a tag
2003-10-23 Mark SpencerSet joint capability as well when checking users
2003-10-23 Mark SpencerHandle capability on inbound too
2003-10-22 Mark SpencerAdd language supporrt for SIP (bug #411)
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerOkay, '*' and '#' are still okay in INFO messages
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerMinor typo fix
2003-10-15 Martin PyckoIn the SIP -> SIP if the called party disconnects with...
2003-10-15 Mark SpencerActually add md5secret option to CVS (bug #288)
2003-10-12 Mark SpencerProperly strip "from" line
2003-10-10 Mark SpencerStrip "sip:" from callerid
2003-10-10 Mark SpencerFix typo
2003-10-09 Mark SpencerConsider "from" when getting destination (bug #368)
2003-10-06 Mark SpencerIncrease sizes in SIP (bug #352)
2003-10-02 Mark SpencerMake sip show channel display a given callid when only...