add missing newlines, fix misspelling of nonexistent (bug #4027)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_skinny.c
2005-04-13 Russell Bryantadd missing newlines, fix misspelling of nonexistent...
2005-03-17 Mark SpencerAdd PLC and jitter buffer and iax2 meta trunk with...
2005-03-14 Mark SpencerRecord read size
2005-03-04 Mark SpencerRework channel structure to eliminate "pvt" portion...
2005-02-25 Jeremy McNamarafinally commit vm enhancements for skinny Bug #3511
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerMerge config updates (bug #3406)
2005-01-25 Mark SpencerImprove skinny display (bug #3416)
2005-01-21 Russell Bryantupdate copyright headers for 2005
2005-01-16 Mark SpencerFix ringback on outbound skinny calls (bug #3295)
2005-01-15 Mark SpencerMake groups be 64-bits (bug #3351, with mods)
2004-12-19 Mark SpencerMerge Olle's comment patch (bug #3097)
2004-10-26 Mark SpencerPass concept of status back, permit "leaveempty" to...
2004-10-23 Mark SpencerFirst pass at making transfer work within agent (not...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerAdd ability to check voicemail from multiple folders...
2004-10-03 Mark SpencerMajor PBX revamps (including labels, update examples)
2004-10-02 Mark SpencerHuge callerid rework (might break H.323, others)
2004-09-13 Mark SpencerFix star 80 to star 60 (bug #2247)
2004-08-08 Mark SpencerMerge BSD stack size work (bug #2067)
2004-07-17 Mark Spencerrename "parking" to "features" in preparation for some...
2004-07-16 Mark SpencerLast set of strncpy/snprintf updates (bug #2049)
2004-06-30 Mark SpencerUse INET_ADDRLEN (bug #1956) (from airport!)
2004-06-29 Mark SpencerCreate reentrant ast_inet_ntoa and replace all inet_nto...
2004-06-22 James GolovichRemove pthread.h from source. We should be using aster...
2004-06-22 Mark SpencerMerge major BSD mutex and symbol conflict patches ...
2004-06-14 Mark SpencerSeparate PROCEEDING and PROGRESS
2004-06-09 Mark SpencerMerge FreeBSD locking fixes (bug #1411)
2004-05-31 Jeremy McNamaramake sending indications more robust and proper
2004-05-29 Anthony Minessale IIsaw this in valgrind (-tony)
2004-05-27 Mark SpencerMake RTP handle codecs (first pass)
2004-05-26 Mark SpencerPerform proper heap bounds checking on skinny messages...
2004-05-12 Jeremy McNamaraTurn off lamp on call completion, code cleanup and...
2004-05-05 James GolovichInclude utils.h in chan_skinny.c
2004-05-05 Jeremy McNamarause ast_strlen_zero
2004-04-26 Mark SpencerMove skinny to support poll
2004-04-22 Mark Spencergethostbyname isn't reentrant, who knew...
2004-04-06 Mark SpencerGet rid of all that old needlock garbage now that we...
2004-04-06 Jeremy McNamaraswap out printf's for ast_verbose
2004-03-27 Mark SpencerMake read/write mode have a lock parameter and use...
2004-03-15 James GolovichFixup some pthread_t checking in channels
2004-03-15 James GolovichFix bug 1217. Change pthread_t initializers to AST_PTH...
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaraclean up warning
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaracheck to see if sub->rtp is allocated. Bug #1040
2004-03-04 Mark SpencerAdd support for parking with IAX2
2004-02-02 Mark SpencerNetBSD portability enhancements (bug #969)
2004-01-28 Mark SpencerElminate unused code/warnings (bug #934)
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix monitor thread issue.
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up debug
2004-01-09 Jeremy McNamaramake firmware version configurable per device
2003-11-22 Jeremy McNamaraadd stop media transmission message
2003-10-21 Mark SpencerFreeBSD patch, take 2
2003-10-16 Martin PyckoRevert the previous patch since it's braking compilation
2003-10-16 Mark SpencerSane FreeBSD patch
2003-09-30 Jeremy McNamaralets try just a empty speed dial, for real this time
2003-09-30 Jeremy McNamaralets try just a empty speed dial
2003-09-30 Jeremy McNamararemove speedial setting, for now
2003-09-27 Jeremy McNamaraanonyance fixes, per tholo :)
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaradon't die if skinny cannot figure out hostname
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaraminor code fixes
2003-09-14 Mark SpencerDon't die if no skinny config
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamararemove debug, it's Miller time\!
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarastomp on seg fault if a call is attempted and the skinn...
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarafix never ending ringing
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamarapull out reloading, for now, causes segs
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaramake tcp socket resuable. Bug #262
2003-09-14 Jeremy McNamaraimplement reload
2003-09-13 Jeremy McNamaramany bug fixes and inbound calling: SKINNY/line@device
2003-09-12 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and output d->addr properly
2003-09-12 Mark SpencerDon't die if no config file
2003-09-11 Jeremy McNamarainitial import of skinny, more coming soon