Callerid fix and warning cleanup (bug #367 & #356)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / chan_zap.c
2003-10-08 Mark SpencerCallerid fix and warning cleanup (bug #367 & #356)
2003-10-06 Mark SpencerSwitch back to DTMF at the appropriate time
2003-10-01 Martin PyckoAdd 486 message (SIP) to 17 cause (PRI) translation...
2003-10-01 Martin PyckoAdd usecallingpres keyword to zapata.conf for PRI to...
2003-09-29 Mark SpencerChange strdupa's to ast_strupda's
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerFix various compiler warnings (bug #322)
2003-09-26 Mark SpencerInitialize extension
2003-09-26 Martin PyckoFix last typo
2003-09-26 Martin PyckoDon't do callprogress on incoming calls -> that used...
2003-09-25 Mark SpencerBring into full TBR4 compliance
2003-09-17 Martin PyckoAllow detection of callerid on FXO with distinctive...
2003-09-13 Mark SpencerMerge sending complete patch with no number (bug #176)
2003-09-12 Martin PyckoFix a tiny thing
2003-09-12 Martin PyckoAdd distinguishing between BUSY and FAILURE for outgoin...
2003-09-05 Martin PyckoAdd restrictcid=[yes|no] for chan_zap and chan_sip...
2003-09-04 Mark SpencerAdd Zap dnid support
2003-08-26 Mark SpencerMake chan_zap compile without libpri again
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoMake sure that when the d-channel goes down we also...
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoAdd one more thing to the previous one
2003-08-25 Martin PyckoDon't allow to place calls when a dchannel is down...
2003-08-23 Mark SpencerAdd true native data mode bridging
2003-08-22 Mark SpencerFix memory leak
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerOops, they're system, not agent events
2003-08-18 Mark SpencerAdd alarm/alarm clear events (bug #125)
2003-08-16 Martin PyckoShow the names of the codecs instead of the numbers...
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerOnly skip it for immediate mode
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerWait for first digit with FEATDMF too
2003-08-15 Mark SpencerAsterisk:
2003-08-14 Martin PyckoFix the potential segfault
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerMake chan_zap compile for people without libpri again
2003-08-13 Mark SpencerTotally revamp thread debugging to support locating...
2003-08-12 Martin PyckoAlso NULL-ify the p->owner when the calls drop because...
2003-08-12 Martin PyckoClear the pri channels when alarm condition drops the...
2003-08-08 Mark SpencerFix for when libpri is not installed
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerDo progress detect on incoming too
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerFix wrong pointer
2003-08-07 Mark SpencerAllow groups to be checked in reverse order, make music...
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoClean up around new hangup routines
2003-08-07 Martin PyckoAdd handling of PRI_EVENT_HANGUP_REQ
2003-08-05 Martin PyckoFix and improve the new pri hangup routines
2003-07-28 Martin PyckoFix the bug when Sending Complete IE is sent or not...
2003-07-26 Mark SpencerMinor fixup
2003-07-02 Mark SpencerFix CIDCW for native bridging
2003-07-02 Mark SpencerFix CIDCW for non-native calls only
2003-07-01 Mark SpencerUpdate for sendingcomplete
2003-06-05 Martin PyckoAdd support for handling INFORMATION messages carying...
2003-06-03 Martin PyckoAdd a verbose message for those that have immediate...
2003-05-29 Martin PyckoAdd FAXEXTEN to save the DID/DNIS when we transfer...
2003-05-29 Mark SpencerFix feature group d MF
2003-05-28 Mark SpencerAdd National ISDN 1 support
2003-05-26 Mark SpencerPass RING events in DOWN or RING states
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFinally fix the fix (what a day)
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix a typo
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix the flash/*0 when incoming call comes on FXO -...
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerRevert bad changes
2003-05-19 Martin PyckoFix the flash/*0 when incoming call comes on FXO -...
2003-05-19 Mark SpencerCLear dial buffer
2003-05-16 Martin PyckoFix the compiling warning with 'int chan'
2003-05-16 Martin PyckoChanging the last patch of chan_zap.c
2003-05-16 Mark SpencerFix seg on non-PRI
2003-05-15 Martin PyckoDon't send INFORMATION messages unless we got SETUP_ACK...
2003-05-15 Martin PyckoFix overlapdial (sending)
2003-05-12 Martin PyckoAdd support for overlap dialing (sending). Now we have...
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerFix typo, remove timing by default, and check for relea...
2003-05-12 Mark SpencerRelease, ourselves
2003-05-08 Martin PyckoAllow the use of immediate=yes with PRI
2003-05-07 Martin PyckoBe avare of hidecallerid with PRI
2003-04-30 Martin PyckoAdd a longer stutter tone when there is voicemail on...
2003-04-29 Mark SpencerFix get confmute
2003-04-28 Mark SpencerRetrieve confmute status from zap if it supports it
2003-04-28 Mark SpencerAlways initialize dtmfbuf
2003-04-27 Mark SpencerMore BSD enhancements
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerMake immediate mode only work E&M
2003-04-25 Mark SpencerFix potential call feature race
2003-04-24 Mark SpencerOnly modify digit mode if dsp is in place
2003-04-24 Martin PyckoAllow use of immediate=yes with EM / EM_W signalling
2003-04-24 Martin PyckoRemove dependancy on libpri
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerFix minor typos
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSwitch to audio mode on confmute, too
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSwitch to audio mode when enabling echo cancellation
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerAlso take out of proceeding when ALERTING received
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerFix build on chan_zap
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerProcess audio stuff in audio mode and then switch back...
2003-04-23 Mark SpencerSet into clear mode
2003-04-22 Mark SpencerFix race in DISCONNECT vs RELEASE
2003-04-19 Martin PyckoFix dependancy on a new libpri for my previous patch
2003-04-18 Martin PyckoDon't send INFORMATION's with the number when we shouldn't
2003-04-15 Mark SpencerMOve to definition
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerFix deferred dialing on FXO
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerWhen swapping subs, queue a null frame, extend delay...
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerOnly do call progress on outgoing calls
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerOnly consider a RINGOFFHOOK as "UP" when a call is...
2003-04-11 Mark SpencerFix double transfer bug
2003-04-10 Mark SpencerMerge and edit Nick's dial support
2003-04-09 Mark SpencerImplement call pickup on SIP, override context if appro...
2003-03-28 Mark SpencerIt's okay to be answered while you are in DIALING state
2003-03-26 Mark SpencerOnly set clear mode on PRI
2003-03-26 Mark SpencerAdd more clear channel debugging
2003-03-25 Martin PyckoFix the dependancy on libpri in zt_digit
2003-03-24 Martin PyckoAdd limited overlap sending for PRI, eg: exten => 9...