nit picky fixups
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2004-08-31 Jeremy McNamaranit picky fixups
2004-08-31 Jeremy McNamaraadd exten example. Thanks ManxPower
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraoopsie
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraexplain a proper upgrade sequence (lowering the signal...
2004-05-18 Jeremy McNamaraDon't advertise Janus, its still broken
2004-05-18 Jeremy McNamaraadd explict version info
2004-05-16 Jeremy McNamaraadd ./configure for the thick headed who can't read...
2004-04-19 Jeremy McNamaraupdate once again to the right version
2004-04-19 Jeremy McNamaraMake comptable with Open H.323's Janus release. See...
2004-01-26 Jeremy McNamaraAdd even more explicit information. Take 2
2004-01-26 Jeremy McNamaraAdd even more explicit information
2004-01-12 Jeremy McNamaraupdate with explict versions I like
2003-12-03 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-11-19 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-11-07 Jeremy McNamaraFix directons below. Thanks xam
2003-11-03 Jeremy McNamararemove the nasty warning, cuz some have gotten newer...
2003-09-10 Jeremy McNamaraupdate for the lamers...only if they would acutally...
2003-08-12 Jeremy McNamaramake it blatently clear what I am saying
2003-08-10 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate Makefile and Readme with warnings and current...
2003-06-25 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate to work around G.729 compile issues, for now
2003-06-16 Jeremy McNamaraChange to be correct info
2003-06-16 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate with current information
2003-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate README for the lamers who can't make chan_h323...
2003-04-28 Jeremy McNamaraback down lib versions since Open H.323's -HEAD code...
2003-04-09 Jeremy McNamarafix silly typo
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamarafirst commit of chan_h323