massive changes, very broken, do not use (from airport)
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / h323 / ast_h323.cpp
2004-09-30 Jeremy McNamaramassive changes, very broken, do not use (from airport)
2004-09-21 Jeremy McNamarasupport early media/intercept Bug #562
2004-09-19 Jeremy McNamaraprotect against seg on busy systems. Bug #2249
2004-07-22 Jeremy McNamaraclean up warnings, and re-add a return, how did that...
2004-07-21 Jeremy McNamaramore changes to properly copy the call token and a...
2004-07-20 Jeremy McNamarafirst attempt to properly copy and then free call detai...
2004-07-17 Jeremy McNamaraactually implement the setting of noFastStart and noH24...
2004-06-27 Jeremy McNamaraapply temporary fix to stop people from whining.
2004-06-26 Mark SpencerMerge source cleanups (bug #1911)
2004-06-15 Jeremy McNamaracheck to make sure the extension exists b4 actually...
2004-05-26 Jeremy McNamaraproperly clean capabilites from the endpoint
2004-05-25 Jeremy McNamaraoptmize call setup process
2004-05-20 Jeremy McNamarabackout code optimization, add more explict error reporting
2004-05-20 Jeremy McNamaracleanup code and debug
2004-05-20 Jeremy McNamaraproperly send call progress and alerting PDUs, re-fix...
2004-05-18 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code
2004-04-16 Jeremy McNamaraRemove all capabilities first
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraLets see if this way works to remove all capabilities...
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraback out lame attempt
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaraprint out capability set, if h323debug is turned on
2004-04-13 Jeremy McNamaramake sure capability set is clean before setting new...
2004-03-20 Jeremy McNamarare-apply possible CCM fix. Someone still needs to...
2004-03-20 Jeremy McNamararollback everything to known good state. E.164 and...
2004-03-20 Jeremy McNamaratry to work around CCM interop, UNTESTED! Someone with...
2004-03-18 Jeremy McNamaraProperly deal with E.164 and Prefix routing
2004-03-04 Jeremy McNamaracheck return value stop seg. Bug #967
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraWTF
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamarastupid, stupid, stupid stupid stupid stupid
2004-01-13 Jeremy McNamaraFix it so we can be unloaded/loaded at will
2004-01-11 Jeremy McNamaraclean up code and remove install directive in h323...
2004-01-06 Jeremy McNamaranuke file descriptor leak..You don't need a whole new...
2003-12-24 Jeremy McNamaratotally revert that highly broken patch. Please test...
2003-12-23 Jeremy McNamaraApply massive patch from PCadach. If things are broken...
2003-12-18 Jeremy McNamarafollow same naming scheme as other simular functions
2003-11-19 Jeremy McNamaraapply G.729 patches (with changes) from bug #421
2003-09-22 Jeremy McNamararollback transfer support...not properly implemented
2003-09-06 Jeremy McNamaraimplement transfer and call forwarding. Bug #221
2003-08-25 Jeremy McNamarasync any left over changes
2003-08-12 Jeremy McNamarasomething is crazy here
2003-07-31 Jeremy McNamarastop seg if callerid is not sent at all
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamararollback today's futile attempts properly
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaratry this crazy idea to make callerid work with no name
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaraadd more debug
2003-07-24 Jeremy McNamaraadd some debug to see what callerid is doing
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamaraimplement callerid passing on type=users. Thanks Ol1ver
2003-07-23 Jeremy McNamarafinish that thought
2003-06-25 Jeremy McNamaraUpdate to work around G.729 compile issues, for now
2003-06-25 Jeremy McNamaraSee if this stops a seg
2003-06-20 Jeremy McNamararemote lame ^M's
2003-06-04 Jeremy McNamaraadd print showing which H.323ID we are gonna use
2003-06-03 Jeremy McNamaraimplement H.323ID specification on the exten line....
2003-06-01 Jeremy McNamaratweak a few things to make PPC happy
2003-05-31 Jeremy McNamararemove references to jitter as we use Asterisk's RTP...
2003-05-20 Jeremy McNamaraclarify messages, try to stop another debian seg
2003-05-14 Jeremy McNamaratry to kill another possible seg
2003-05-12 Jeremy McNamaratweak the logic in MakeCall
2003-05-12 Jeremy McNamaravarious bug fixes from Miroslaw KLABA
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaratweak internal codec order
2003-04-08 Jeremy McNamarad'oh! make it so you can acutally use other ports than...
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamarafirst commit of chan_h323