remove debug
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / channels / h323 /
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamararemove debug
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaramore debug
2003-04-11 Jeremy McNamaraadd some debug for testing
2003-04-09 Jeremy McNamarafix silly typo
2003-04-08 Jeremy McNamarad'oh! make it so you can acutally use other ports than...
2003-04-07 Jeremy McNamarafix gatekeeper logic
2003-04-03 Jeremy McNamaraadd more instructions
2003-04-03 Jeremy McNamaraupdate with proper building information
2003-04-02 Martin PyckoAdd make samples to the main Makefile
2003-04-02 Martin PyckoAdd some instructions to download and compile cvs openh...
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamarado user authentication right
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamaraIP based user authentcation
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamararemove debug
2003-03-31 Jeremy McNamarafirst commit of chan_h323