document the 'weight' option
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / configs / dundi.conf.sample
2005-04-06 Russell Bryantdocument the 'weight' option
2005-04-06 Russell Bryantclarify information on time waited for a response
2005-02-22 Russell Bryantfix terminology
2004-11-14 Russell Bryantcomment out misery in the dundi sample config
2004-11-03 Russell Bryantchange 'incoming' to 'inbound' in dundi.conf.sample
2004-10-27 Mark SpencerPreliminary "PRECACHE" / push support...
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerOops
2004-10-24 Mark SpencerDUNDi performance enhancments and metrics for average...
2004-10-22 James GolovichUpdate example dundi.conf docs to include the other...
2004-10-22 Mark SpencerWork on precaching
2004-10-18 Mark SpencerAdd DUNDi.... (