fix obvious breakage
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / formats / format_h264.c
2006-04-14 Luigi RizzoThis rather large commit changes the way modules are...
2006-04-09 Luigi Rizzorename FR_SET_BUF to AST_FRAME_SET_BUFFER
2006-04-08 Kevin P. Flemingsince the module API is changing, it's a good time...
2006-04-04 Luigi RizzoLargely simplify format handlers (for file copy etc.)
2006-02-21 Russell Bryantsuppress some compiler warnings due to recent format...
2006-02-11 Kevin P. Flemingset standard properties on all non-binary files
2006-01-08 Mark SpencerMinor video fixes
2006-01-07 Mark SpencerAdd support for H.264 with SIP and recording