fix various pointer signedness issues
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / include / asterisk / dns.h
2006-07-07 Russell Bryantfix various pointer signedness issues
2006-03-31 Luigi Rizzoremoval of trailing whitespace and useless 'extern'
2006-01-05 Olle JohanssonDoxygen updates
2005-11-29 Kevin P. Flemingremove extraneous svn:executable properties
2005-10-24 Russell BryantDoxygen documentation update from oej (issue #5505)
2005-08-30 Kevin P. Flemingmajor header file cleanup: license, copyrights, descrip...
2005-08-07 Russell Bryantmore fixes for gcc4 warnings
2005-03-02 Mark SpencerFix ENUM documentation (bug #3698)
2003-09-27 Mark SpencerAdd missing files