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2010-02-10 Russell BryantAdd a test module for the event API, test_event.c.
2009-12-21 Kevin P. FlemingChange all refererences to 1.6.3 to be 1.8, since that...
2009-09-08 Mark MichelsonAdd doxygen to ast_event_subscribe for the description.
2009-06-26 Russell BryantMerge the new Channel Event Logging (CEL) subsystem.
2009-05-09 Russell BryantMinor documentation update for ast_event_queue().
2009-05-03 Kevin P. FlemingAdd 'bitflags'-style information elements to event...
2009-03-25 Russell BryantImprove performance of the ast_event cache functionality.
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2007-08-29 Joshua ColpMake the event header file work under C++.
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