Merge "app_voicemail: Fix json blob errors"
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / include /
2018-03-15 Jenkins2Merge "core: Remove incorrect usage of attribute_malloc."
2018-03-14 Jenkins2Merge "core: Remove non-critical cleanup from startup...
2018-03-13 Jenkins2Merge "BuildSystem: Enable PortAudio in NetBSD."
2018-03-13 Corey Farrellcore: Remove incorrect usage of attribute_malloc.
2018-03-13 Jenkins2Merge "core: Remove ABI effects of MALLOC_DEBUG."
2018-03-13 Corey Farrellcore: Remove non-critical cleanup from startup aborts.
2018-03-08 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: Enable PortAudio in NetBSD.
2018-03-07 Corey Farrellapp_osplookup: Move header defines into the app.
2018-03-05 Jenkins2Merge "BuildSystem: Detect whether uselocale(.) is...
2018-03-03 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: Detect whether uselocale(.) is available.
2018-03-01 Richard Mudgettcore: Remove ABI effects of MALLOC_DEBUG.
2018-02-28 Richard Mudgettpjproject: Add cache_pools debugging option.
2018-02-23 Ben FordAdd extended properties to rtp_engine for RTP retransmi...
2018-02-14 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: Remove chan_h323 leftovers.
2018-02-01 Jenkins2Merge "app_confbridge: Update dsp_silence_threshold...
2018-02-01 George JosephMerge "res_pjsip_pubsub: Prune subs with reliable trans...
2018-01-31 Jenkins2Merge "core: Create ast_atomic macro's."
2018-01-31 Richard Mudgettapp_confbridge: Update dsp_silence_threshold and dsp_ta...
2018-01-31 Jenkins2Merge "loader: Use ast_cli_completion_add for 'module...
2018-01-31 Jenkins2Merge "pbx_variables.c: Misc fixes in variable substitu...
2018-01-30 Corey Farrellcore: Create ast_atomic macro's.
2018-01-30 George Josephres_pjsip_pubsub: Prune subs with reliable transports...
2018-01-30 Jenkins2Merge "Build System: Require __sync or __atomic functions."
2018-01-30 Jenkins2Merge "Build System: Add support for __atomic built...
2018-01-29 Jenkins2Merge "Remove redundant module checks and references."
2018-01-27 Corey Farrellloader: Use ast_cli_completion_add for 'module load...
2018-01-27 Alexander Traudheaders: Consistent use of typeof and/or __typeof__.
2018-01-25 Corey FarrellBuild System: Require __sync or __atomic functions.
2018-01-25 Corey FarrellBuild System: Add support for __atomic built-in operators.
2018-01-24 Corey FarrellRemove redundant module checks and references.
2018-01-22 Richard Mudgettpbx_variables.c: Misc fixes in variable substitution.
2018-01-16 Richard Mudgettres_pjsip: Split type=identify to IP address and SIP...
2018-01-15 Corey Farrellloader: Add dependency fields to module structures.
2018-01-15 Corey Farrellvector: Additional string vector definitions.
2018-01-04 Joshua ColpMerge "loader: Create ast_module_running_ref."
2018-01-04 Joshua ColpMerge "datastore: Add automatic module references."
2018-01-03 Corey Farrellloader: Create ast_module_running_ref.
2017-12-30 Corey Farrellastobj2: Create case-insensitive variants of container...
2017-12-29 Corey Farrelldatastore: Add automatic module references.
2017-12-22 Corey Farrellastobj.h: Remove from Asterisk core.
2017-12-22 Sean BrightRemove as much trailing whitespace as possible.
2017-12-21 Jenkins2Merge "Fix Common Typo's."
2017-12-20 Corey FarrellFix Common Typo's.
2017-12-20 Richard Mudgettmanager.h: Bump AMI version
2017-12-18 Jenkins2Merge "netsock: Remove from Asterisk core."
2017-12-18 Joshua ColpMerge changes from topic 'faster-aco'
2017-12-18 Corey Farrellnetsock: Remove from Asterisk core.
2017-12-18 George JosephMerge changes from topic 'loader-work'
2017-12-15 Jenkins2Merge "res_rtp_asterisk.c: Disable packet flood detecti...
2017-12-15 Jenkins2Merge "pjsip_options: wrongly applied "UNKNOWN" status"
2017-12-15 Corey Farrellaco: Create ways to minimize use of regex.
2017-12-15 Corey Farrellloader: Replace priority heap with vector.
2017-12-14 Richard Mudgettres_rtp_asterisk.c: Disable packet flood detection...
2017-12-12 Richard Mudgettchan_pjsip/res_pjsip: Add CHANNEL(pjsip,request_uri)
2017-12-11 Kevin Harwellpjsip_options: wrongly applied "UNKNOWN" status
2017-12-11 Jenkins2Merge "astdb: Improve prefix searches in astdb"
2017-12-10 Sean Brightastdb: Improve prefix searches in astdb
2017-12-08 Sean Brightutils: Add convenience function for setting fd flags
2017-12-04 Richard Mudgettsecurity-events: Fix SuccessfulAuth using_password...
2017-11-27 Corey FarrellCLI: Remove compatibility code.
2017-11-27 George JosephMerge "CLI: Create ast_cli_completion_add function."
2017-11-27 George JosephMerge "CLI: Remove calls to ast_cli_generator."
2017-11-21 Joshua ColpMerge "BuildSystem: pjsip_evsub_set_uas_timeout was...
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Create ast_cli_completion_add function.
2017-11-21 Corey FarrellCLI: Remove calls to ast_cli_generator.
2017-11-21 Joshua ColpMerge "CLI: Create ast_cli_completion_vector."
2017-11-21 Joshua ColpMerge "README: Send people to secure websites where...
2017-11-20 Joshua ColpMerge "doxygen: Remove obsolete contents."
2017-11-20 Alexander TraudBuildSystem: pjsip_evsub_set_uas_timeout was not used.
2017-11-19 Corey Farrelliostream: Fix ast_iostream_printf declaration.
2017-11-18 Corey FarrellREADME: Send people to secure websites where available.
2017-11-18 Corey Farrelldoxygen: Remove obsolete contents.
2017-11-17 Joshua ColpMerge "DEBUG_FD_LEAKS: Add missing FD creators."
2017-11-17 Joshua ColpMerge "Build: Make function constructor/destructor...
2017-11-16 Joshua ColpMerge "pjsip / hep: Provide correct local address for...
2017-11-16 Jenkins2Merge "sorcery: Add ast_sorcery_retrieve_by_prefix()"
2017-11-16 Jenkins2Merge "This patch adds a beanstalk CDR backend."
2017-11-14 Joshua Colppjsip / hep: Provide correct local address for Websockets.
2017-11-14 Jenkins2Merge "core: Add cache_media_frames debugging option."
2017-11-14 Joshua ColpMerge "alertpipe: Correct documented return of ast_aler...
2017-11-13 Corey Farrellalertpipe: Correct documented return of ast_alertpipe_w...
2017-11-13 Sean Brightsorcery: Add ast_sorcery_retrieve_by_prefix()
2017-11-13 Corey FarrellCLI: Create ast_cli_completion_vector.
2017-11-13 Corey Farrellvectors: Add new macro and a string vector definition.
2017-11-11 Richard Mudgettcore: Add cache_media_frames debugging option.
2017-11-10 Corey FarrellBuild: Make function constructor/destructor attributes...
2017-11-08 Corey FarrellDEBUG_FD_LEAKS: Add missing FD creators.
2017-11-07 Joshua ColpMerge "Fix ast_(v)asprintf() malloc failure usage condi...
2017-11-06 Joshua ColpMerge "dtls: Add support for ephemeral DTLS certificates."
2017-11-06 Richard MudgettFix ast_(v)asprintf() malloc failure usage conditions.
2017-11-06 Sean Brightdtls: Add support for ephemeral DTLS certificates.
2017-11-06 Corey Farrellconfigure: Add autoconf check for libopusfile.
2017-11-01 Corey FarrellModules: Additional improvements to CLI completion.
2017-10-31 Joshua ColpMerge "Build System: Fix --disable-xmldoc option."
2017-10-30 Joshua Colpcore / pjsip: Add support for grouping streams together.
2017-10-26 Joshua ColpMerge "res_pjsip: Add 'ip' as a valid option to 'identi...
2017-10-25 Joshua Colpres_pjsip: Add 'ip' as a valid option to 'identify_by...
2017-10-25 Corey FarrellBuild System: Fix --disable-xmldoc option.
2017-10-24 Corey FarrellSingle API for ast_store_lock_info and ast_remove_lock_...
2017-10-20 Nir SimionovichThis patch adds a beanstalk CDR backend.