threadpool: Whitespace and comment corrections.
[asterisk/asterisk.git] / include /
2013-02-28 Richard Mudgettthreadpool: Whitespace and comment corrections.
2013-02-28 Jason ParkerDon't undefine bzero()/bcopy().
2013-02-19 Michael L. YoungAdd The Status Of A Module To The Output Of "CLI> modul...
2013-02-16 Joshua ColpAdd support for retrieving multiple objects from sorcer...
2013-02-15 Matthew JordanDisable strict XML documentation config checking; fix...
2013-02-15 Kevin HarwellStopped spamming of debug messages during attended...
2013-02-15 Matthew JordanAdd CLI configuration documentation
2013-02-14 Kinsey MooreRevamp of terminal color codes
2013-02-14 Sean BrightUpdate the name of the update_tags utility in the git...
2013-02-12 David M. LeeAdd a serializer interface to the threadpool
2013-02-11 Kinsey MooreFix compilation error with REF_DEBUG
2013-02-10 Joshua ColpAdd additional functionality to the Sorcery API.
2013-02-09 Richard MudgettMake ast_do_masquerade() a void function.
2013-02-07 Kinsey MooreAdd aggregate operations for stuctures with string...
2013-01-31 Richard MudgettEliminate an unused lock in ast_bridge_channel.
2013-01-31 Richard MudgettMake CHECK_BLOCKING() debug message more useful.
2013-01-29 Matthew JordanUpdate configure script to be compatible with ptlib...
2013-01-25 Joshua ColpMerge the sorcery data access layer API.
2013-01-22 Matthew JordanAdd ControlPlayback manager action
2013-01-21 Richard MudgettMade some bridging API calls void. Some bridging commen...
2013-01-21 Richard MudgettBridge API comment tweaks.
2013-01-19 Walter DoekesAdd builtin roundf() for systems lacking it.
2013-01-17 Mark MichelsonAddress David's latest feedback on reviewboard:
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonAdd doxygen to accessors and increase refcount of taskp...
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonMake the threadpool listener opaque.
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonMake ast_taskprocessor_listener opaque.
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonAddress further review feedback from David Lee.
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonMake the initial size of the threadpool part of the...
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonRemove threadpool listener alloc and destroy callbacks.
2013-01-15 Mark MichelsonRemove alloc and destroy callbacks from the taskprocessor.
2013-01-14 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 379070 via svnmerge from
2013-01-14 David M. LeeFixed doc comment for ast_test_validate
2013-01-14 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 379021,379023 via svnmerge from
2013-01-14 David M. LeeGently reduce masquerade insanity
2013-01-12 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378935 via svnmerge from
2013-01-12 David M. LeeFix XML encoding of 'identity display' in NOTIFY messages.
2013-01-11 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378915,378918 via svnmerge from
2013-01-11 David M. LeeAdd JSON API for Asterisk.
2013-01-09 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378840 via svnmerge from
2013-01-09 Richard MudgettTrivial misc bridge code changes.
2013-01-09 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378823 via svnmerge from
2013-01-09 Richard MudgettTweaked __ast_test_suite_assert_notify() and __ast_test...
2013-01-09 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378783,378789-378790 via svnmerge...
2013-01-09 Richard Mudgett* Whitespace changes.
2013-01-09 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378735,378748 via svnmerge from
2013-01-09 David M. LeeMove declaration of ast_regex_string_to_regex_pattern...
2013-01-09 David M. LeeReplace errant tabs with spaces in causes.h.
2013-01-07 Mark MichelsonAddress review board feedback from Matt and Richard
2013-01-02 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378374,378377,378384 via svnmerge...
2013-01-02 Richard MudgettFix AMI redirect action with two channels failing to...
2013-01-02 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378322 via svnmerge from
2013-01-02 Matthew JordanPrevent exhaustion of system resources through exploita...
2012-12-13 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 378000-378002 via svnmerge from
2012-12-13 Richard Mudgettconfbridge: Fix MOH on simultaneous user entry to a...
2012-12-13 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 377981 via svnmerge from
2012-12-13 David M. LeeBail configure if it can't find libuuid.
2012-12-13 Mark MichelsonResolve conflict and reset automerge.
2012-12-13 Russell BryantRemove compile time check HAVE_DEV_URANDOM.
2012-12-13 David M. LeeFixed to look for proper uuid.h file
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd automerge property back after conflict.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd UUID support to Asterisk.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonSome general cleanup, plus we now send state changes...
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonAdd auto-increment option and accompanying test.
2012-12-11 Mark MichelsonSome documentation fixes and function call name fixes.
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonSolve the issue about the "CHANGE THIS" and "XXX CHANGE...
2012-12-10 Mark MichelsonAdd threadpool options and accompanying test.
2012-12-07 Mark MichelsonAdd new threadpool test and fix some taskprocessor...
2012-12-05 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 377245-377246 via svnmerge from
2012-12-05 Richard MudgettRemove init_framer(). It no longer does anything.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonAdd better listener support.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonRemove zombie state from threadpool altogether.
2012-12-04 Mark MichelsonAdd some doxygen and rearrange code.
2012-12-03 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 377138 via svnmerge from
2012-12-03 Richard MudgettCleanup core main on exit.
2012-12-03 Mark MichelsonThis now compiles.
2012-11-29 Mark MichelsonCommit some progress towards threadpools.
2012-11-27 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376630 via svnmerge from
2012-11-27 Richard MudgettMade AST_LIST_REMOVE() simpler and use better names.
2012-11-23 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376589 via svnmerge from
2012-11-23 Matthew JordanRe-initialize logmsgs mutex upon logger initialization...
2012-11-21 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376575 via svnmerge from
2012-11-21 Richard MudgettAdd red-black tree container type to astobj2.
2012-11-19 Mark MichelsonGet rid of trailing whitespace.
2012-11-19 Mark MichelsonReorganize code and change behavior of ast_taskprocesso...
2012-11-16 Mark MichelsonChange the write-up on taskprocessors to reflect the...
2012-11-16 Mark MichelsonAdd a shutdown callback to taskprocessor listeners.
2012-11-16 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376341,376344-376345 via svnmerge...
2012-11-16 David M. LeeMigrate hashtest/hashtest2 to be unit tests.
2012-11-09 Mark MichelsonAdd doxygen and constify some things.
2012-11-09 Mark MichelsonGenericize the allocation and destruction of taskproces...
2012-11-08 Mark MichelsonMove taskprocessors to use a listener model.
2012-11-08 Automerge scriptMerged revisions 376049 via svnmerge from
2012-11-08 Richard MudgettAdd MALLOC_DEBUG enhancements.
2012-11-07 Mark MichelsonMultiple revisions 375993-375994
2012-11-06 Richard MudgettFix stuck DTMF when bridge is broken.
2012-11-05 Matthew JordanRefactor ast_timer_ack to return an error and handle...
2012-10-18 Richard Mudgettbuild_tools: Allow Asterisk to report git SHAs in versi...
2012-10-18 Andrew LathamDoxygen Updates - Title update
2012-10-15 Mark MichelsonFix some potential misuses of ast_str in the code.
2012-10-12 Mark MichelsonDo not use a FILE handle when doing SIP TCP reads.